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Spring is Here! – Tips for Storing Winter Supplies

metal building garage for your car or storage

Clearing the Way for Spring

With the arrival of spring comes the task of putting away all of those wintertime supplies. I’ve found that this can be a pleasant job, particularly if the winter months seemed to drag on for an especially long time. It’s wise to organize these items so you can find them when wintertime rolls around again. Here are some tips for storing your winter-related items. Enjoy!

Snow Removal Equipment and Supplies

Most of us have at least one traditional snow shovel and maybe even a few high-tech items that we use to clear the driveway of snow. I suggest you store your snow shovel on a large hook on one wall of the garage. This way, it’s off the garage floor and out of the way until you need it again. If you have a shovel rack to hang it on, that’s even better.

Storing a snow blower is a simple task if you have one available corner in your garage. Park the snow blower there and put a plastic tarp over it to keep the dirt and dust off. Storing it in a corner keeps it from getting in the way of the car, bicycles, and other items that are used every day.

Many of us have at least one bag of salt for throwing on icy sidewalks and driveways. Make sure that the bag is completely closed and that there are no holes in it. Put the bag in a plastic bin with a lid and place it next to your snow blower or shovel. You may even want to put a label on the lid of the bin so you won’t need to open it to know what’s inside.

Wintertime Items for Your Car

Maybe you have a set of chains that you put on your tires during the snowy days of winter. If you do, they need to be stored in an appropriate way. Make sure the chains are completely dry, and store them in a plastic bin with a lid. Be sure to put them in a large bin so the chains won’t become tangled. The goal is to keep the chains away from moisture that could rust them and make them less effective when you need them next winter.

A bottle of leftover antifreeze can be stored on the top shelf of a cabinet in the garage. This prevents it from being spilled and keeps it out of the reach of young children who may be playing in the area. Sometimes it’s helpful to put a label on the outside of a cabinet in order to keep track of all of the items stored there.

You may be someone who keeps a heavy blanket in the trunk of your car in case your car stalls on the road in the dead of winter. If you want to take this blanket out of your car to make room for other things, I recommend that you wash it, fold it, and put it into a plastic trash bag. This keeps it in good condition for next winter. Be sure to label the bag so you don’t mistakenly throw the blanket out with the weekly trash!

I hope this adds some organization to your metal garage or metal carport and inspires you to dust off that patio furniture. Bring on the springtime! Thanks for reading! – Alan

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