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Spread Holiday Cheer With Your Garage Door


When you spot your neighbors hanging LED icicles on their gutters, decorating their front bushes with Christmas lights, or hanging an evergreen wreath on the front door, you know it’s holiday time. I think decorating the inside as well as the outside of a house brings even more joy to this season. If you have a garage door, why not include it on your list of things to decorate? Whether you adorn it with traditional decorations or come up with some new ones, it’s sure to earn the appreciation of your neighbors. Consider some of the ways you can dress up your garage door for the holidays!

Create a Wintertime Mural

You can create an appealing mural for your garage door with a few basic supplies. One idea requires a large piece of butcher paper, a bag of cotton balls, a pad of construction paper in a variety of colors, glue, scissors, and a package of removable mounting squares. Use the cotton balls and glue to create the snowmen in your scene. Black construction paper is great for making a snowman’s arms, buttons, hat, and pipe. You can use the other colors of construction paper to make Santa Claus, Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, a troop of elves, and any other characters you want to include in your scene. Of course, if you don’t want to spend your time gluing, you can use crayons, markers, or even watercolors to create your wintertime mural. Use the removable mounting squares to attach your butcher paper mural to the garage door. These squares won’t harm the surface of your garage door when it comes time to take the mural down. I think this is a great project to work on with young kids or grandchildren.

Gift-Wrap Your Door

Putting gift wrap over the garage door is a tradition for many homeowners But, instead of using actual gift wrap, find some plastic tablecloths in a festive red or green and attach them to your door with tape. You may be able to find some plastic tablecloths with holiday characters on them at a dollar store. Be sure to raise and lower your garage door once or twice to ensure that the plastic tablecloths don’t interfere with the operation of your door.

Dress Up Your Windows

If you don’t want to gift-wrap your garage door, you can decorate the windows instead. One idea is to tape real wrapping paper to the inside of each window. Another idea is to think of each garage door window as a panel in a short comic strip. If you have four windows in your garage door, you could make four drawings that display the story of how Santa Claus chose Rudolph to guide his sleigh. Or you could write words of holiday greeting in each window using a temporary white window marker. The best thing about decorating your garage windows is that you can do it inside where it’s warmer and dry!

Light Up Your Door

LED lights look just as attractive on a garage door as they do around a front door or the railing of a deck. You could put an arrangement of colorful lights around your garage door to highlight your mural or decorated windows. Setting up a spotlight is another idea if you want to showcase the creativity of your garage door decorations!

Give your garage door the attention it deserves as you decorate for the holidays this year. Thanks again for reading! – Alan

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