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Small Backyard, Big Entertainment


Installing a carport in a small backyard could be just what you need to help provide some more space.

When you think of a typical backyard barbecue, what pops into your mind? One of those humongous gas grills with four burners, cabinets for storage, and a special rack for grilling tools? Perhaps you picture a huge lawn with a swing set, a blooming garden, and maybe even a tire swing. That is a lovely picture. But you don’t have to have a huge backyard to throw a fun barbecue for your friends. Look at some ideas to help you host a memorable barbecue in a small yard or on a patio or deck with limited space.

Choose Stools Instead of Chairs

Chairs take up a lot of space on a small patio or deck. Instead, put out plastic stools for your guests. Neatly stack them in one corner of your patio or deck and let your guests know that they are available to use.

Create a Unique Arrangement for Your Party

You probably have a lot of plans for the food and drinks you want to serve at your backyard barbecue. But instead of laying out all of your refreshments on a big table, find several small tables and place them around the perimeter of your yard. That way, your guests can go around and get the items they want without tripping over a long table that’s blocking their path. Plus, they will have lots of open space in the center to wander around in. I suggest putting ice, cups, lemonade, soda, and iced tea on one small table. Dedicate another small table to desserts and a third table to side dishes such as potato chips, baked beans, coleslaw, and vegetable sticks. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Remove Large Potted Plants

If you have any large potted plants on your patio, take some time before the party to move them into one corner or off to the side somewhere. This will give your guests more room to move around and chat with one another and prevents anyone from accidentally tripping over a plant and knocking it over.

Set Up Your Radio or CD Player in a Nearby Open Window

Setting up a small table for a radio or CD player can take up space you need for your guests. As an alternative, hook up your radio or CD player and place it in a window near your deck or above your patio. This gives you some background music for your party without using up any valuable yard space.

Keep Some of Your Party Refreshments Indoors

If you have too many refreshments for your little tables, try putting some on your kitchen counters. Invite your guests to go inside your home to grab what they want to eat. This way, you can serve all of the food and drinks you want without taking up too much outdoor space. Be sure to close the screened door between your home and patio or deck to keep the flies outdoors!

Use a Small Barbecue Grill

A small barbecue grill can cook your burgers, chicken, pineapple, and hot dogs just as thoroughly as a big grill. Borrow a small grill from a friend or invest in one so you’ll be ready for your next backyard barbecue.

Let the partying begin! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful time with your loved ones this summer. – Alan

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