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Should I Stain My Gazebo?


With spring fast approaching, I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors. After all of the snow we had this winter, I’ll bet you’re ready for the warm weather, too. If you’re searching for a wonderful place to relax with family and friends this spring, summer, and fall, you may want to get a gazebo. A gazebo is an attractive addition to practically any piece of property. Personally, I think it’s an ideal place to sit and watch the spring flowers begin to appear. When it comes to gazebos, people have many questions, including whether it’s necessary to put stain on the structure, so I thought I’d use this week’s blog to answer some questions about gazebos. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Staining Your Gazebo

Putting stain on your wooden gazebo is a good idea for several reasons. For one, a coat or two of stain keeps rain and other moisture from leaking into the wood. Water can cause mildew on wooden boards or rot them, resulting in major damage to the structure. Another benefit of staining your gazebo is that it protects the wood from the powerful UV rays of the sun. Sunlight can fade the bare wood of a gazebo, causing its boards to turn an unpleasant gray. In addition, a coat of stain can prevent insects from boring their way into the wood. Some insects, such as wood-boring beetles, termites, and carpenter ants, can chew their way into a wooden gazebo and weaken the overall structure. Staining a gazebo gives the wood a deep, rich color. Some owners are careful to select a color of stain that complements other structures on their property. You can find a variety of stains in different colors at many hardware and home improvement stores. Be sure you choose a stain specially designed to protect outdoor structures. I have a selection of pre-built gazebos and gazebo kits. We give customers the option of adding stain to their Amish gazebo kit orders.

How Often Should I Stain My Gazebo?

One way to determine whether it’s time to restain your gazebo is to sprinkle some water on its boards. Look to see whether the water forms droplets on the surface of the wood. If so, it means that the current coat of stain is still preventing the water from soaking into the wood. If the wood absorbs the water, however, then it’s time to restain the structure. Performing this water test every six months or so is an effective way to monitor the condition of your wooden gazebo.

Staining vs. Sealing a Gazebo

Stain and sealant are not the same thing, but there is one important quality that they share. They are both water-repellent. This means stain and sealant are both effective at preventing mildew and rotting wood on a gazebo. Both of these solutions wear away over time and need to be reapplied. A big difference between stain and sealant is that stain gives wood a rich color while sealant goes on clear. While stain protects wood from fading and turning gray in the sunlight, sealant offers no protection from the sun’s UV rays. The fact that stain prevents a wooden structure from fading in the sun is the main reason why many people prefer stain over sealant for their gazebo.

Take good care of your gazebo and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come! Thanks for reading!-Alan

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