Sheds, Horse Barns, Garages, Two Story Sheds Delivery Info

Sheds, Horse Barns, 2 Story Buildings
Many people wonder how our Sheds, Horse Barns, Garages, Two Story Sheds and Gazebos are delivered. 

The picture above will give you some visual insight on how this is achieved.  The truck and shed trailer total approximately 52 feet in length.  The driver will need enough room to either back the Storage Building into place or drive it to the location with plenty of room to turn around.  If the driver cannot drive to the site due to obstacles, weather or terrain he will place the building as close as possible.  It is your responsibility to make sure the property is properly accessible for a smooth delivery.

The clearance we need to successfully deliver the Shed is 2 feet wider than your building.  Example:  If your building is 12′ wide you will need a foot on each side, totaling 14′ wide clearance.  The height clearance needed is about 13 – 15 feet depending on the style and height of the Shed.

Some people wonder what is the best foundation or pad for a Storage Shed?  The most important aspect is that the pad is level whether you are sitting the building directly on the ground,  on a 4-6″ tampered down gravel pad or placing the building on concrete.

I hope this has been helpful and informative.

Sheds, Horse Barns, Two Story Sheds



View of a 14×30 Dutch Barn on a

state maintained road.