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Raise the Roof with the Right Style

gambrel 2 story garages

A Two-Story Garage with a Gambrel Roof Style

Hello everyone! If you’re looking for a new storage structure you may be wondering about the various roof styles that are available. Some of the most common roofing styles include the gable, the gambrel, the boxed eave and the vertical. When you’re trying to decide which roof you want on your storage structure, it’s helpful to know some of the pros and/or cons of each style. Here are some of the facts that may help you to make your final decision.

Of all of the roof styles the gable roof is one of the most popular. There are many people with houses that feature this A-Frame design. Oftentimes, folks want a storage shed with a gable roof to match the one on their home. This adds an extra element of appeal to the property.

Another pro of the gable style roof is that rain and snow can run off its steep slopes. The design of this roof prevents large amounts of snow from piling up on top of it. When too much snow accumulates on a roof, it can cause deterioration and even cave-ins.

One of the cons of having a gable roof is that you have less storage space. For example, imagine a loft in a shed with a gable roof. As the roof slopes downward toward the wall there is very little space near the outer edges of the structure. Another con of having a gable roof is that the design makes them somewhat vulnerable to high winds. The structure may require reinforcement of its interior braces.

A Gambrel Roof

A major pro of the gambrel roof style is its appearance. You may have heard the gambrel style roof referred to as barn style. This design looks attractive alongside many other types of buildings on a piece of property. The gambrel is also one of those roofing styles that offers you plenty of space for storage. The two slopes on each side of the roof allow for lots of open space in a loft area and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, gambrel roofs aren’t as durable as other roof styles. They can weaken under the weight of snow and heavy rainstorms. Gambrel roofs need a bit more maintenance attention than other roof types.

A Boxed Eave Roof

If you decide on a storage structure featuring a roof with a boxed eave design you may do so because you like the way it looks. This roof design gives a structure a more finished look and there are many engaging colors available.

On a practical note, you may choose a boxed eave design because it allows water and melted snow to run off the roof and not down the sides of the structure. Water that is allowed to run down the walls of a storage structure can cause leaks in windows and doors.

A con of the boxed eave roof design has to do with its horizontal roof sheeting. When a roof has horizontal sheeting it often becomes necessary to remove leaves and other debris from its surface.

A Vertical Roof Design

Finally, a storage structure such as a carport with a vertical roof has the advantage of a particular type of roof sheeting. Vertical roof sheeting has a design that allows snow, leaves and rain to slide off instead of accumulating on the roof.

I hope that this information has helped you in your search for a storage structure (and roof!) that suits your needs as well as your visual preferences. Thanks! Alan

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