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Protecting Your Belongings from Pests


It’s amazing how quickly a few pests can destroy a favorite piece of clothing, a collection of beloved books, or a piece of wooden furniture. Whether you store these belongings in the home, in the garage, or in your shed, there are some steps you can take to protect them from pests. Take a look at a few tips for keeping moths, roaches, silverfish, and other pests away from your belongings.

Keep Your Clothing Safe from Moths

Have you ever taken your favorite wool sweater out of the closet only to find several small holes in its fabric? This is likely the work of a brown clothes moth. Brown moths look for dark closets where they can find plenty of food and blend into the environment. If you think you may have a moth problem in your closet, take all of the clothing out and wipe down the walls as well as the clothing bar with an all-purpose cleaner. Also, thoroughly vacuum the floor of your closet to remove any moth larvae. Wash or dry-clean your clothing, and try storing it in garment bags that close in a secure way. Another way to keep the moths away is to hang small cedar blocks in the closet. The fragrance of cedar prevents a moth from detecting the smell of wool or cashmere fabric. Another option is to store sweaters and shirts in airtight plastic containers and put them on a shelf in the closet.

Protecting Your Books from Pests

If you store books in cardboard boxes in a garage or shed, there’s a chance that the books can be damaged by pests. Roaches, silverfish, and beetles are three types of insects that can damage books in various ways. Roaches crawling on a book can leave fecal matter in the form of brown stains that can’t be cleaned off. Silverfish chew on the cloth covers of books as well as the edges of pages. Beetles are able to drill holes in books, damaging a book’s edges or spine. Books need to be stored in a clean, dry, and cool environment. Instead of putting your books in cardboard boxes, try storing them in airtight plastic bins with lids. If you store all of your books on a bookshelf inside your home, be sure to take the books down and vacuum them thoroughly. Also, flip through the pages to look for little intruders. A dusty bookshelf is an inviting place where pests can hide and damage your books. I recommend that you vacuum the books as well as the shelf every week if you want to keep your beloved classics in good condition. There are also ways to get rid of silverfish and other pests with the help of traps and chemical solutions.

Keep Carpenter Ants Away from Your Furniture

The legs as well as the wooden frame of a sofa and other pieces of furniture are vulnerable to carpenter ants. These pests bore holes into wooden furniture to make nests. This can weaken the frame of a sofa or chair, resulting in permanent damage. One way to protect your furniture is to mix two teaspoons of peppermint oil with one cup of water. Spray this solution around the border of your sofa, easy chair, table, etc. The scent of peppermint oil repels ants. Regularly vacuuming beneath the cushions on the sofa is an effective way of removing crumbs and other stray pieces of food that attract carpenter ants.

I hope these tips are helpful in keeping the pests away. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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