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Preparing Your Garage for All Kinds of Stormy Weather


Have your ever noticed lines of snow on your garage floor after a big snowstorm? Or maybe you’ve seen moisture on the floor near the base of your big garage door after a powerful thunderstorm. If you have, it means that your garage could use some weatherproofing. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to keep the snow and rain out of your garage when the weather turns bad.

Take a Close Look at Your Garage Windows

Rain and snow have a knack for finding their way into a garage through small gaps around the windows. One way to prevent this is to apply weather-stripping around your windows. This fills in any gaps that you can see as well as those you can’t. Weather-stripping is available at any hardware store and even some grocery stores. Make sure that you purchase enough weather-stripping to cover the entire border of your window or windows.

Don’t Forget the Side Door of Your Garage

If your garage has a side door that allows rain or snow to leak in, you may want to install a threshold seal. This seal is usually made of vinyl and attaches to the floor beneath the door instead of the door itself. Threshold seals can be trimmed to fit the area beneath your side garage door. The only drawback with a threshold seal is that you need to work a little harder to sweep dirt and other debris over it and out of your garage. If your side garage door has windows in its design, you can carefully install some weather-stripping around them to prevent any moisture from slipping in.

Inspect the Main Garage Door

Even the smallest of gaps beneath a main garage door can allow snow and rainwater to blow into the structure. If you have an old seal on your garage door, it may be damaged or worn out. You may want to purchase a new seal to put on the base of your garage door. Putting on a new seal is a relatively easy process, and, once again, a seal can be trimmed to fit your door. I suggest you ask someone to help with the task to make sure you correctly line up the seal on the base of the door. In addition, you can put new seals on the sides and top of your garage door. These serve as other lines of defense during snow and rainstorms.

Sealing the Shingles on a Roof

If you want to weatherproof your garage roof, you can put sealant on it to prevent leaks. A sealant can take the form of a spray that goes on top of the shingles. Be sure to check out the instructions on any roof sealant to see if you have the correct type. Also, if you want to take on this project, you should enlist another person to help you to make it as safe as possible.

Try a few of these suggestions and keep the elements outside your garage where they belong! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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