Portable Wood Horse Barns

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Portable Horse Barns

Do you have horses in a field and are looking for a shelter for your horses? The purchase of a portable horse barn can be a great addition to you horse’s comfort. An Amish built wood horse barn, that can be moved from one side of the field to the other, could be the answer. These portable wood horse barns are built with a heavy duty 6″x6″ base with tow hooks to help drag it if you ever need it moved. The ease of moving your portable barn is an added bonus when you buy from Alan’s Factory Outlet.

The portable horse barns come with a stall which has a 4′ wide Dutch door, a window with metal grill, and an oak kick board with a steel chew guard at the top to help prevent the horses from chewing off the top of the kick board. The siding on the wooden horse barns is 1″ thick eastern white pine board and batten siding. Oak framing is used for the interior structure of the barn. They come standard with an insulated metal roof on all of the stalls or a shingle roof is available.

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Wood horse barns are made in a variety of sizes to accommodate: 1 horse with a 1 stall horse barn or 2 stall, 3 stall, or even 4 stall horse barns. Not all horses are the same size so the stalls come in different sizes for the right fit for your horse. The most popular size horse barn for each horse is 10×12 but you could get one smaller such as a 10×10 or larger with a 12×12. If you have more than 4 horses we can make a 2nd delivery and put them end to end as close as possible. This is another way that the wooden horse barns we have available for order will meet your needs.

Many different options are available such as adding a horse run in sheds to the stalls. Another thing some people like to add is one or more tack rooms. Customizing your portable horse barn to suit the number of horses you own and their needs is easy. Browse our online selection of portable barns for sale to find one to meet your requirements.

2 stall portable horse barn with two run ins

Alan’s Factory Outlet’s portable wooden horse barns are delivered for free in 21 local counties in Virginia.