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Our Favorite Back Decks


Gazebo on back deck

Summer is the perfect time to sit out on the back deck or patio with friends and family. Barbecues, swimming parties, and backyard games are just a few of the fun things to do on warm summer days. There are many homeowners who put a lot of time and thought into creating a design for their deck or patio. Take a look at just a few examples of some imaginative decks and patios: You might find yourself inspired to give yours an upgrade!

A Deck and a Dock

A deck that doubles as a dock is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon with friends. The swimming pool borders the deck, making it easy for family and friends to swim, dip their toes into the water, or watch the splashing from a cozy chair. When the pool is unoccupied, the gentle rippling of the water makes this deck a peaceful place to spend a hazy summer afternoon. This attractive design proves that there is no reason why a swimming area has to be set apart from a sitting area.

A Deck Featuring Aquatic Life

If you love the thought of relaxing on your deck while watching a gathering of beautiful koi, then this design may be your cup of tea! A multi-level deck with built-in fish ponds is the perfect place for reading, talking with friends, or just sitting back and collecting your thoughts. The fish ponds themselves are full of colorful pebbles and aquatic plants. Also, they’re connected by a waterfall that circulates the water, helping to keep it clean. I like the idea of a waterfall that’s both practical and decorative, don’t you? Floating plants and bubbling water along with the constant movement of fish makes this a dynamic backyard deck design!

A Multi-Level Deck With a Hot Tub

Many homeowners envision a deck with a hot tub when they describe their ideal backyard. But picture a deck that has a hot tub on one level and a place to share a meal with friends on another. This design allows guests and family members plenty of space to wander around and visit. Also, it gives privacy to individuals who are spending time in the hot tub. Potted plants, flowers, and the right kind of outdoor lighting make this deck design ideal for homeowners who love spending time in their backyard.

An Indoor/Outdoor Gathering Area

A patio with a screened porch gives guests and family members plenty of choices as to where to spend their time. On a summer afternoon, people can gather around the tables for a meal on the spacious, comfortable patio. In the evening, when the mosquitoes start to come out, folks can move into the screened porch and enjoy the warm breezes while avoiding insect bites. This idyllic patio is surrounded by fragrant blossoms and greenery.

A Patio With an Outdoor Kitchen

Picture a patio with a sink, a little refrigerator, an oven, counter space, and even a fireplace. Friends and family members can gather around the table as the host or hostess prepares the meal right out on the patio. The best part is that the host can be in on the conversation while serving guests. Everyone can enjoy the breezes and the surroundings as they partake in a delicious meal.

I hope these amazing deck and patio designs give you a few creative ideas for your own backyard space. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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