Metal Garages vs Wood Garages vs Vinyl Garages

Metal Garages vs Wood Garages vs Vinyl Garages

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What is the difference between the metal garages, wood garages and vinyl garages?

The wood garages and vinyl garages are both amish built prefab garages.  The wood and vinyl garages are very similar but with one difference and that is the siding.  The wood garages are built with T1-11 duratemp siding which has a 25 year warranty.  These garages are painted with two coats of paint.  The average paint time is about 10 years which means the wood garage require the most upkeep of the 3 different garages.

The vinyl garages have 4″ dutch lap vinyl siding on the exterior with the interior of the walls having 1/2″ plywood.  The extra materials needed to build the vinyl garages make it the most expensive of the 3 garages, however compared to the wood garages that have to be painted the vinyl garages never need to be painted so this saves you both time and money in the future.

The metal garages sides and roof both consist of 29 gauge metal sheeting which does not require any painting so it shares the same maintenance free characteristics as the vinyl garages except the metal garages siding is much more durable when compared to the vinyl siding which could be damaged by a weed eater or a sharp object.

The wood and vinyl garages can be built with a floor or without a floor.  The metal garages are only built without a floor.  The base for all of the garages needs to be level and can be put on gravel, asphalt or a concrete slab.  The wood and vinyl garages are delivered fully assembled.  There wood and vinyl garages also come in 2 story garages if you need even more space.  The metal garages are built on site.  Most of the garages metal buildings are installed within one day.

The wood garages and vinyl garages are built with 2″x4″ sidewalls and roof trusses 16″ on center vs the metal garages which have metal 14 gauge 2 1/2″ square galvanized tubing 5′ on center sidewalls and roof trusses.  The metal garage can also be built with an optional thicker 12 gauge tubing that comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

The roof on the wood garages and vinyl garages are built with a 1/2″ plywood roof with shingles vs the 29 ga. metal roof on the metal garages.

All three of the garages can be made in a 1 car garage or prefab 2 car garages.

The metal garages are delivered and installed for free to 19 different states.  The wood garages and vinyl garages are delivered for free to the 21 local counties in Virginia.

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