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Metal Garage Buildings For Sale

Looking to buy a metal garage building?

Alan’s Factory Outlet has many different metal buildings for sale to choose from.

There are the standard metal garage buildings which are made in three different roof lines of regular metal garage, boxed eave metal garage and vertical roof metal garage.

The standard metal buildings come 20 different sizes with free delivery and installation in NC, SC, GA, TN, KY, VA, WV, TX, OK, LA, AR, AL, MO, KS, IL and MS.

The steel buildings in IN, OH, PA and MD are made slightly different and for that reason these northern states have a different pricing structure due to the different specs.  Delivery and setup in included in these states also.

The final state with unique building construction specs is FL due to the wind rating required on the metal garages in FL they have different prices and on the 20′ wide would have two 8×8 size garage doors instead of two 9×8 garage doors to meet their state requirements.


1 car metal garage building sizes that come with one 9′ wide x 8′ tall garage door

12′ wide metal garages:  12×21, 12×26, 12×31, 12×36, 12×41

18′ wide metal garages:  18×21, 18×26, 18×31, 18×36, 18×41

The 12′ wide will fit most cars and trucks but you will want to be careful when you open and close the doors of the vehicle not to hit the metal sheeting which can chip the paint on the door.  18′ wide buildings will give you more room and the most space of the 1 car garages so you don’t have to worry about having a tight fit while entering or exiting the car.  It can also provide that extra needed space for additional storage.

2 car steel garage buildings for sale that are standard with two 9×8 garage doors

20′ wide metal buildings:  20×21, 20×26, 20×31, 20×36, 20×41

22′ wide metal buildings:  22×21, 22×26, 22×31, 22×36, 22×41

Largest width of the standard construction metal garage buildings 24′ wide:  24×21, 24×26, 24×31, 24×36 and 24×41

Getting a 20′ wide is going to be a tight fit unless you have a really small car.  The 22′ wide provides a little extra space but for most people the best option would be to go with a 24′ wide that way you have enough space.

Many of the cars and trucks can fit in a 21′ long metal building but usually for storage space a 26′ long garage gives you enough space left over for a few feet of storage.  If you need a big area to store items the 31′, 36′ or 41′ could be the right fit.  If you go with a building that is 41′ or longer we recommend the vertical roof style because this is the only structure that has the roof panels up and down so you don’t need to worry about leaking issues.  We can make them 46′ long, 51′ long, 56′ long or even longer in 5′ increments to whatever length you need.

The standard metal garages at Alan’s Factory Outlet are made with 29 ga sheeting and 14 ga tubing.  There are many options on the steel garages such as certified, mobile home anchors, 4′ braces, 32″ wide or 36″ wide walk in doors, 30″ x 30″ windows.  Extra garage doors on the back end. For an additional cost of $100 per garage door due to having to frame out an opening and putting in a header above the the garage doors you can put the garage door on the long side of the garage.  One thing to keep in mind if you want the garage door on the side is we need 2′ headroom above the garage door.  This means the garage doors would have to be 7′ tall unless you made the whole building 1′ taller which is also available for an extra cost.

metal garages for sale

Alan’s Factory Outlet metal garage buildings for sale are also made in two other wider styles.

There are the triple wide metal buildings and the 40′ wide metal buildings.

The width on the triple wide metal buildings are 26′, 28′ and 30′ wide.

The width on the 40′ wide steel buildings are 32′, 34′, 36′, 38′ and 40′ wide.  These buildings due to the weight of them require you to have a telescopic lift that can go 2′ taller than the leg height.

The triple wide and 40′ wide structures are automatically certified for 130 mph wind and 30 psf snow.  The length start out a 21′ long just like the other metal buildings and can go as long as you want.

All of these styles of metal buildings are also made as metal carports which can be constructed with just the roof or partially enclosed.

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