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Making the Most of Your Storage Space: Practical Storage Tips for Families

Hello everyone! Many families, both big and small, have a room or a closet in their home that acts as a storage area for varied items. For instance, the kids may put all of their sporting equipment such as bats, balls and tennis rackets in the front hall closet. Not surprisingly, this scenario can make it pretty tough to hang up your coat in the wintertime! So, I’ve decided to offer some practical storage ideas and tips to families in need of alternative options. Here are some suggestions that I hope will help.

A Multipurpose Prefab Metal Garage

You can have a whole new area for storage in the form of a two car metal garage. Simply park one car in one stall of the garage. The other stall can be used to store various items. For example, you can move two or three racks into the stall to store all of the kids’ sporting equipment. You could separate the baseballs, footballs and soccer balls by putting them in labeled plastic bins. Baseball bats could be arranged on their own shelf and the same could be done with tennis rackets. As a result, all of the sporting equipment is in an easily accessible area making the front hall closet available for coats once again. You can even build a small bike rack to hold all of the kids’ bicycles.

The second stall of the garage may also be used to store pet supplies such as pet food, grooming items and extra bowls. You may want to put up some cabinets so the pet food is kept off the ground and away from pests. You can store other types of items in the garage cabinets including tools, car-related accessories, extra garbage bags and more. In addition to its practical qualities, the design of a two car garage can complement the appearance of a family home. Storage buildings can be decorative as well as practical.

The Many Uses of a Shed

One of the most practical storage ideas for garden tools is to put them in a shed. You may want to put up shelves or install some cabinets to house your small shovels, seeds, watering cans and gardening gloves. All of the gardening items you need will be in the shed as opposed to scattered throughout your home.

You may be lucky enough to have a swimming pool behind your family home. Storage of pool items such as inflatable toys, swimming goggles and flippers as well as the maintenance equipment for a swimming pool could be a problem if you’re short on space. A shed located near your swimming pool can be the ideal solution to your storage dilemma. The kids’ swimming goggles and flippers could be kept in small bins on shelves inside the shed. You could install some hooks on the wall to hang up the pool skimmer as well as the pool vacuum and its hoses. All pool-related items would be stored in an organized fashion in one place.

I’ve included some additional resources that may be of help to you. Thanks for reading! Alan

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