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Landscape Your Shed in 5 Easy Steps

Amish Sheds with porch 10x16

Hi, everyone! When it comes to dreaming up ideas for the landscaping around your storage shed, the sky’s the limit. You could draw up elaborate landscaping plans or just make a few changes to enhance the look of your garden shed. Ideas that are quick and simple can sometimes make a big difference in the appearance of the landscape. Take a look at five simple steps for creating a landscape that will make your shed all the more appealing.

An Inviting Walkway

If you have plain grass in front of your garden shed you may want to consider putting in a walkway. A walkway works with all sorts of garden shed designs. You could create a line of flagstones leading up to the entrance to your shed. Flagstone is durable which makes it a popular choice for backyard landscaping plans. You may choose flagstones in different shapes or opt for a gathering of identical stones. The main thing to remember is to make sure the stones are level and have an equal amount of space between them.

A Colorful Entrance

Putting flowers around an entranceway is easy to do and instantly changes the appearance of your garden shed. Ideas for the shed’s entrance include putting a gathering of red geraniums in a large pot on the ground near the door. If your shed has a porch, you could put petunias, pansies or tulips in planters and set them on the porch railings. The more colorful the flowers, the more attention you’ll garner for your shed. Landscaping ideas with lots of color are particularly fun to work on.

Adding a Trellis

You may like the idea of a trellis to decorate your garden shed. Designs for trellises don’t have to be complicated. A simple trellis can either be purchased or built and positioned beside your shed. The next step is to find a climbing vine that will wrap itself around your trellis and give it some life! I recommend morning glories if you want a climbing vine that will really flourish. Morning glories offer pink, blue, and white blooms that can’t help but attract attention.

A Birdbath

The great thing about adding a birdbath to the landscape around a garden shed is that they come in all varieties. You could go with a glass birdbath with a pedestal that features carved figures of birds. Or, you may opt for a plain stone bowl that sits on the ground. Either way, a peaceful birdbath adds interest to the landscape while helping out the birds.

A Gathering of Shrubs

Finally, shrubs help to enhance the area around a shed. Landscaping ideas often include evergreen shrubs because they are hardy and relatively easy to care for. They also look nice bordering the walls of a shed. You may want to space out your evergreen shrubs and plant flowers in between them. Alternatively, you could plant the evergreen shrubs on each side of the entranceway. In many instances, landscape design is a reflection of your personal tastes.

Here is a resources to help you with your landscaping projects. Have fun! Alan

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