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Keeping Critters Out of your Storage and Garage

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No Critters Allowed!

Mice, raccoons, and squirrels are just a few of the uninvited guests that can show up in your garage or shed. You may find a nest of mice in a drawer full of old work gloves in your garage. Or you may see mouse droppings on a shelf in your shed. Raccoons can crawl into open garbage cans, and squirrels can squeeze through windows to look for things to chew on. All of these critters can create a mess and sometimes cause major damage in your garage or storage shed. Consider a few ways you can be proactive and discourage these critters from inviting themselves over for an extended stay.

Secure All Food Sources

Many people keep items of food in their garage or shed. For instance, if you keep a gigantic bag of dog or cat food in your storage area, be sure to pour its contents into a sealed container. I suggest a metal garbage can with a lid for a supply of dog food. This will keep the mice out. Be sure to get a tight-fitting lid to keep the raccoons out as well. A metal garbage can is also effective if you have a supply of grain for a horse. Try to avoid plastic garbage cans for food storage because a few persistent mice may be able to find a weak spot in the plastic to gain entry.

Keep the Floors Clean

There’s nothing more encouraging to a little critter than a dirty floor. If you drop pieces of dry dog food while filling your dog’s bowl, be sure to sweep them up right away. I know, it’s tempting to kick those stray pieces of food off to the side of the garage, but that can come back to bite you! If you spill a packet of flower seeds on the floor, it’s best to clean those up, too. A few sunflower seeds or a stray piece of dog food in a corner are open invitations for critters looking for a meal and a place to stay.

Check the Doors and Windows

Make sure that the windows and doors in your shed or metal garage are closed. A squirrel, raccoon, snake, or stray cat can get through a door or window that’s open just a few inches. If you have a doggy door leading into your garage, you may want to look into a way to fasten the door shut when your dog isn’t outside. Raccoons in search of food have been known to use a doggy door to enter a garage.

Keep Sticks and Other Debris Away from Your Storage Area

Piles of sticks, logs, and branches can attract mice and other small rodents. If they are piled near your shed or garage, it’s only a matter of time before these critters find their way inside.

Just remember, the trick is to make your garage or shed very unappealing to critters. If they don’t find your storage area to be a welcoming place, they will move on to greener pastures. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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