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How to Reuse Holiday Wrapping Paper


A steel building from Alan’s Factory Outlet could be just want Santa ordered for a place to store all of your Christmas supplies.

Watching loved ones open Christmas gifts is one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. But once all of the unwrapping is done, what do you do with that colorful pile of wrapping paper on your living room floor? Fortunately for you, I have some ideas for how you can give holiday wrapping paper a second lease on life. Enjoy!

Enhance Your Bulletin Board

A large piece of used wrapping paper makes the perfect background for a bulletin board in your kitchen, a child’s room, or even the garage. Simply measure your bulletin board and trim a large piece of used wrapping paper to cover the cork surface. I suggest using glue dots as a neat, clean way to attach the paper to your bulletin board. However, if you plan to change your wrapping paper background from time to time, attach it to the bulletin board using push pins.

Create Some New Shelf Paper

Why have boring drawers if you don’t have to? Used wrapping paper can be measured and cut to fit into the bottoms of drawers in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else in the house. This is an easy way to keep your wrapping paper out of the landfill while adding some flair to your junk drawer!

Make a Holiday Wreath

This idea can be a great project to work on with a child or grandchild. When you’re making a wrapping paper wreath, you can be as creative as you want to be. For instance, you can combine different types of wrapping paper in your design or make it out of one particular type. Your wreath may have a color theme or a character theme featuring Santa Claus, Frosty, or Rudolph. Add extra interest to your wreath by attaching a bell or a large red ribbon to it. I suggest you put aside a special box for the wreath so you can bring it out as a regular part of the Christmas décor every December.

Put Some Color in Your Packages

If you’re not into making shelf paper or wreaths, you can reuse your paper in a more practical way. Put all of your wrapping paper scraps and pieces in a bag and use them as packing material whenever you send a package to someone. The recipient of your package will get a thrill from seeing such colorful packing material. Plus, maybe that person will take your lead and begin to reuse their holiday wrapping paper the same way.

A Kids’ Art Project

Kids can make an interesting collage out of discarded holiday wrapping paper. Begin with a large piece of white or black construction paper. Next, they can either cut or tear the wrapping paper into pieces and glue them onto the paper to make different shapes. One child may create a nighttime scene starring a family of snow people, while another kid may create an entire neighborhood of houses out of the paper scraps. Be sure to hang the collages on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

And here’s one more quick idea: If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary party, you can always tear up your used wrapping paper for confetti.

Thanks for reading! – Alan

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