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How to Prepare an Area for your New Storage Shed

preparing for a storage shed

Find a Perfect Place for Your Shed

One of the most important things to do after you decide to get a storage shed is to choose the best spot for it. I suggest taking a walk around your property to get a closer look at the terrain. Ideally, you’ll want to put it on a level piece of ground. Of course, most areas of ground are not perfectly level by nature, so choose a place that is as close to level as possible. Take a look at some other things to consider when choosing an area and preparing it for the arrival of your new storage shed.

Choosing a Suitable Area

It’s best to choose an area that contains no large trees. Weighty branches can fall off of older trees, causing damage to a shed. If you put your shed near a large tree, you’ll probably have to spend time trimming its branches to prevent any collisions. In addition, try to select an area of ground that is slightly elevated. This helps in the drainage process whenever there’s a rainstorm or a heavy snowfall. The water flows away from the shed instead of pooling around it and causing flooding. Also, don’t put the shed near any young trees. As the tree grows, its branches may extend out and eventually come in contact with the walls or roof of your shed.

Different Types of Terrain

When it comes to making a place for a new shed, some types of terrain present more problems than others. For instance, putting your shed on extremely rocky terrain means that you must clear away any large rocks in order to make the ground level. I suggest that you avoid the task of pulling humongous rocks out of the ground and go with a less rocky area. Putting a shed on extremely hilly terrain means that the structure may not have the stability it needs to remain level. It makes more sense to put your shed on a piece of ground that is fairly level to begin with. Sandy terrain is adequate for a shed, but the sand has to be compact in order to offer enough support for the structure.

Preparing the Ground

After you decide where you’re going to put your shed, take some measurements of the area to make sure that there is enough space for your structure. Use wooden stakes and rope to mark the site. Next, put a layer of gravel down that is about four to six inches in depth. You can add some wooden rails around the base to keep the gravel in place. The gravel should extend two feet in width and length beyond the border of the shed. Spread the gravel around evenly and use a level to check your work. Regardless of the natural terrain, gravel is an ideal foundation for a storage shed because it helps to drain excess water away from the structure.

Taking some time to find the best location for your storage shed can prevent flooding, instability and other types of damage. Your new shed deserves to sit in a choice location on your property. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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