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How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree


Do you get a real Christmas tree for your home each year? Maybe you love the lingering fragrance and the feel of the needles as you put up your ornaments. Naturally, you want to get the best tree for your household. This week, I have some tips on how to choose the perfect Christmas tree.

Choose a Tree That Fits Your Lifestyle

Though evergreens are known as hardy trees, all varieties need a fresh supply of water each day to maintain their color and look their best. If you want a low-maintenance Christmas tree, look for a small one with short needles such as a balsam fir, Fraser fir, or noble fir. Alternatively, if you have the time to care for a majestic Christmas tree with long needles that needs a lot of water, go with a white pine or a Scotch pine.

Consider the Needles on Your Tree

Some trees have long, soft needles, while others are short and stiff. A tree with soft, pliable needles may be a little safer if you have kids who like to play around the Christmas tree. Some popular trees with soft needles include the balsam fir and white pine.

The Longevity of Your Tree

With the right care, a balsam fir can last a long time in your home, so if you like to decorate early and keep your tree up into January, you may want to consider a balsam fir. Scotch pine, white fir, and Leyland cypress are three other varieties known for their longevity.

The Scent of Your Tree

Looking for a Christmas tree with a strong fragrance? I think the fragrance of a tree is one of the best parts of getting a real one at Christmastime. You have a lot of beautiful choices! Balsam firs have a pine scent that can permeate the house. Fraser firs, Canaan firs, and white pines are three other trees with a strong fragrance.

Measure Your Tree for the Right Fit

The best way to end up with a Christmas tree that fits in your home is to consider your ceiling height as well as the height of your tree stand. Be sure to factor in plenty of open space above the top of your tree.

Signs of a Healthy Tree

When considering a selection of trees, look for one with deep, even coloring. Take hold of a tree’s trunk and gently shake it. A tree that’s in good condition will lose very few needles. If you’re looking at a fir, take a needle and fold it in half: The needle of a fresh fir will break. Do this same experiment with a pine: A fresh pine needle will bend but immediately snap back into shape.

Caring for Your Tree

Choose a place for your Christmas tree that’s away from heat vents and sunlight. As far as watering goes, some people think that adding commercial products to the water can make a Christmas tree last longer. However, it’s best not to add anything to its water. Just make sure you’re monitoring the level and filling it each day.

Once you’re ready to take your Christmas tree down, think about recycling it to keep it out of the landfill. Look for Christmas tree recycling signs around your town or neighborhood. Or if you have a fish pond on your property, drop your tree into it to serve as a place for fish to hide from predators.

Thanks for reading. – Alan

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