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How to Master Garage Organization in 5 Minutes

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“Make the Best Use of All Your Garage Space”

Have you ever stood in the middle of your garage and asked yourself, ‘what happened’? You started out with plenty of space for your tools, the kids’ bicycles, sports equipment, boxes of Christmas tree decorations, etc. Now, it may be a challenge to fit the car into the garage because it’s so crowded with items. Fortunately, there are a few simple organizing techniques that can open up some space in your garage and allow you to find what you need, when you need it.

Using Wall Space

Storing items on the walls of a garage is an easy way to free up some floor space. Take a look at that collection of brooms, rakes, and shovels that may use a lot of space in one corner of your garage. Then, visit your local hardware store and invest in some simple hooks made for hanging tools on the wall. By hanging these items on the wall, you’ll be able to grab one quickly when a simple task presents itself. You may also want to look into getting some special hooks so you can hang the kids’ bicycles on the wall right along with the brooms and rakes!

Storage from Above

Many garages have a platform that hangs from the ceiling or even a loft area. I think these are perfect for storing items that are rarely used. You may use platform storage in a garage to store boxes of old books, large buckets, ornaments, or even an artificial Christmas tree that is taking up a lot of space on the main floor. Make sure that you don’t overload the platform and that there is ample room for everything.

Storing the Small Items

Unfortunately, screws and nails that are stored in a haphazard way in a garage can drop on the floor and maybe even end up in a car tire. A wooden pegboard is great for organizing screws and nails. You can put them into small plastic jars and hang them on the pegboard. There are plastic jars with lids that feature a prong designed to fit into a pegboard wall. With a storage system like this, you can easily see the nails, screws and washers you have while keeping them off the floor.

A New Use for an Old Bookcase

One of the most helpful garage organization tips has to do with making use of an old bookcase. A bookcase with three shelves situated on one side of a garage can hold a lot of items including cleaning solutions, work gloves, a flashlight, clay flower pots, and extension cords. Instead of piling your cords on one shelf and letting them get tangled together, try a new way of storing extension cords. An old bookcase can have renewed life as a useful storage item in a garage.

Put Those Garbage Bags in Order

Finally, I know that a lot of homeowners keep a box of garbage bags in the garage. Perhaps you’ve tried to take one out of the box only to have the whole roll come out and spill across the floor. You are not alone! Instead of this old storage method, clear up some more space in your garage by keeping your trash bags on a paper towel holder. When you need a bag, you just roll it out and tear it off the roll. The same idea can be put to use with a roll of paper towels that always seems to end up on the garage floor.

I hope these suggestions help to kick start your garage organization efforts. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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