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How to Make Your Own Fire Pit


‘Add a Beautiful New Fire Pit to Your Backyard This Summer’

Have you ever thought about a fire pit for your backyard? A fire pit is more than an attractive addition to a piece of property. It’s something that can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. Imagine toasting marshmallows, having a weeny roast, or just sitting around with friends and family, watching the flickering flames. Check out the steps involved in making your own fire pit.

Tools for Making a Fire Pit

In order to make an appealing fire pit, you need to have a supply of tools that will do the job. You’ll need a shovel, a tamper, a tape measure, a level, a mallet, and a caulk gun. In addition to these tools, you’ll need some materials. The list of materials includes a steel fire pit bowl with a screen cover, cast-concrete wall stones, a container of powdered chalk, ¾ inch drainage gravel, a bag of leveling sand, and masonry adhesive.

Choosing a Location

Be sure you check your local building ordinances before choosing a location for your fire pit. In many cases, it must at least 25 feet from your house and any trees in your yard. Check for any low-hanging tree branches that could come in contact with your fire. I suggest that you put it in an area where the smoke won’t blow right into the windows of your home.

The Construction Process

  • First, arrange the bottom layer of wall stones in a circular design for your fire pit. Be sure to count the wall stones so you know how many there are in your design.
  • Once you have the stones in place, mark the perimeter with powdered chalk. Measure the inner diameter of the stone circle to make sure your steel fire pit bowl will fit into it.
  • Put the stones to the side and use the shovel to dig a six-inch-deep hole within the perimeter of your chalk circle. Dump a layer of gravel and leveling sand into the hole and flatten it with the tamper. Next, use the level to make sure the surface of the sand is even.
  • Put the bottom layer of stones end to end in a circular formation around the sand center and use the level to make sure the stones are even. If one stone is sticking up higher than the others, use the mallet to tap it down. Alternatively, if one of the stones is sitting too low, pick it up and put some extra leveling sand underneath it. It’s important to start out with a bottom layer of stones that is perfectly even.
  • Fill the caulking gun with masonry adhesive and apply it in a zig zag design on two of the stones in the bottom layer. Allow two inches of space between the masonry adhesive and the edges of your stones. Place a new stone on the seam that divides the two bottom layer stones. Continue this procedure until the second layer of stones is in place.
  • The same routine applies to the third and fourth stone layers of your fire pit wall. When all of the layers of the wall are built, dump a layer of gravel onto the floor of your fire pit. Fit the steel bowl into the opening of the fire pit and place the cover on it.

This is just one way to approach the construction of a fire pit. Have an enjoyable summer relaxing with family and friends. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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