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How To Help Keep Your Pets Cool In The Summer

We’re in the middle of summer and temperatures are soaring all over the country. I hope you’re spending a lot of time in the air conditioning or maybe enjoying a bowl of ice cream or two outdoors. As the summer continues, it’s important to remember that your pets are feeling the heat as well. This week, I have ten easy ways you can help your pets cool off on these hot summer days.

  1. Hose Down Your Driveway. If your dog or cat spends a lot of time running up and down your driveway, take a few minutes to spray it with your garden hose. This cools down the cement making it a little more comfortable for the sensitive paws of your dog or cat.
  2. Turn on Your Backyard Sprinkler. It’s hard to find a little kid who doesn’t love to run through a backyard sprinkler on a hot day. Well, the same goes for many types of dogs! So, on the next hot day, queue up the sprinkler to see if your dog wants to cool off in the spray.
  3. Freeze Bottles of Water. Put a couple small bottles of water into the freezer. After they’re frozen solid, put one into your rabbit’s cage or into your dog’s house outdoors. Leaning against a frozen bottle helps keep pets cool.
  4. Keep Fresh Drinking Water Available. Get into the habit of checking the water bowl of your dog, cat, and other pets to be sure it’s filled and clean whenever your pet needs a drink.
  5. Provide a Shady Area. Sitting in the shade can cool down your pets. So, create a comfortable area beneath a tree or put a pet bed under your carport, so your pet can relax and get out of the sun for a while.
  6. Avoid Using a Muzzle on Your Dog. If you have a dog that wears a muzzle when you go out, it’s best to avoid putting it on when it’s hot outside. Dogs cool themselves and regulate their temperature by panting. A muzzle can prevent a dog from panting and bring on heat exhaustion.
  7. Provide Frozen Treats. Enjoying a cherry or grape Popsicle on a hot day is one of the many pleasures of summer. Why not share a frozen treat with your dog? Making homemade frozen treats for dogs is easy and adds some nutritious fruit to your canine’s diet.
  8. Brush Your Dog or Cat on a Regular Basis. Brushing your dog or cat removes matted hair. Matted hair can keep your dog or cat from cooling down on hot days.
  9. Cut Down on Exercise for Your Dog. Avoid excessive exercise with your dog on a hot day. Your dog can overheat while trying to keep up with you on a running trail. Going for short walks on really hot days is a better idea.
  10. Put a Plastic Pool in Your Backyard. You’ve probably seen those plastic kiddie pools for sale already this summer. If you get one for your backyard and fill it with cool water, there’s a good chance your dog will want to take a dip. Or your dog may use it as a huge water bowl!

Remember to take extra care with your pets when the temperatures soar this summer. Thanks for reading.


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