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How to Get Holiday Lights That Your Neighbors Will Envy


Putting up holiday lights is one way to share the joy of the season. Do you put up your holiday lights in the same way every year? If so, I have some fresh ideas for how you can make your arrangement of holiday lights a standout in your neighborhood this year. Enjoy!

Ropes of Lights

One idea is to put up LED rope lights. Rope lights are available in green, red, blue, white, and many other colors. You can wrap them around a porch railing, balcony railing, or picket fence in your yard. Or you can create rope light chandeliers to hang in a window of your home or over a dining room table. The flexibility of rope lights allows you to get creative when searching for places to put them either on the inside or outside of your home.

Imaginative Places for Icicle Lights

I’ve noticed that most people put icicle lights on the gutters all around their home. They want to put their icicle lights where real icicles like to hang out. But there’s no rule that says you have to put them on your gutters. With the help of a friend, try arranging icicle lights on the rafters and struts of your pergola. I like the idea of using blue, red, or green icicle lights to give your pergola a beautiful glow on a winter’s night! Or hang some icicle lights above the windows or doorway of your garden shed. There’s no reason why you have to limit the holiday decorations to your home.

Pathway Lights With a Twist

If you have regular solar-powered lights that illuminate your sidewalk or driveway, try switching them out temporarily for battery-powered pathway lights. Battery-powered pathway lights are available in red, green, blue, pink, and many other colors. Some are made in the form of traditional Christmas tree lights, while others come in the shapes of delicious candy. They are easy to set up and provide a cheerful glow for friends and family every time they approach your home.

Battery-Powered Candles

If you prefer a more subtle arrangement of holiday lighting, try putting a single battery-powered candle in each window of your home. These candles are available in many different designs. One battery-powered candle may have an elaborate holder shaped like Santa’s head, while another has a simple gold base. These candles will give your home a festive look on cold, snowy evenings.

Classic Tiny White Lights

You’ve probably seen the traditional arrangement of tiny white holiday lights draped around the bushes outside a home. But there are plenty of other creative ways to use these classic holiday lights. For example, you can arrange the strings of white lights on the bare branches of a small tree in your front yard. This design will make the tree come to life at night. Or put a string of white lights around a bird bath or a decorative bench in your yard. You may even want to dress up your favorite garden gnome with a simple string of white lights!

These are just a few ideas to get your mind working on this year’s arrangement of holiday lights. Good luck, and thanks for reading. – Alan

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