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How to Get Comfy In A Hammock and Snooze the Day Away


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On a warm summer day, retiring to a hammock in the backyard to catch a few zzz’s sounds like the perfect scenario to me. The slight swaying movement of a hammock can be very peaceful. Getting comfortable in a hammock takes some practice. In my blog this week, I have some tips to help you relax and feel at ease in your backyard hammock. Enjoy!

Hang the Hammock Loosely

When attaching a hammock between two trees, most people want to pull the fabric tight taking the slack out of it. A taut hammock can cause your shoulders to fold in toward one another making it very uncomfortable. A loosely hung hammock will hang near the ground once you climb in. This helps lower the center of gravity causing you to feel more secure inside the hammock. When hanging your hammock, aim for a 30-degree angle for each end.

Lie in a Diagonal Position

Most people think that their head and feet should line up with the trees anchoring each end of the hammock. But, it’s better to lie diagonally in a hammock. This puts your back, feet and head in the most natural position. Plus, this allows the sides of the hammock to cushion you.

Use a Sleeping Pad/Sleeping Bag Combination

For more comfort and warmth in a hammock, get a sleep pad and put it inside your sleeping bag. A sleep pad provides extra insulation from any cold near the ground. Put this combination of items underneath you and snuggle into it for a wonderful rest. Of course, you can put a blanket over you for additional warmth.

Hang the Bottom End Higher Than the Top

Do you find yourself adjusting your position in a hammock only to slide back to where you were before? If so, try hanging the foot end of the hammock about eight to ten inches higher than the head end. This allows you to settle securely into the hammock without sliding.

Choose the Right Fabric for Your Hammock

Do you want to sleep in your hammock? Or, maybe you just want a quiet place to read, listen to music or watch the activity in the backyard. I like the idea of observing the birds, squirrels, deer and other wildlife from the comfort of a hammock, don’t you? Hammocks are available in different fabrics and styles so it’s best to choose one that fits your needs. A cotton hammock is breathable and soft making it the perfect place to sleep. However, it needs to be taken down during harsh weather because cotton is vulnerable to heavy winds, rain and snow. A nylon hammock is soft, but the fabric is not breathable. So, it may be uncomfortable to spend time in on really hot days. Polyester hammocks can be a little rough to the touch, but they can endure all kinds of weather conditions.

No matter what style or fabric you choose, a hammock can easily become a favorite spot for you this summer. What better way to savor the summer season?! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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