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How to Finish a Portable Building

Porch Shed VA

Hello! Did you know that there are many creative ways to finish a portable building? You have the chance to make changes that will put your own personal stamp on your structure. If you are unsure how to do this, the following are some suggestions for you to consider.

Information on Building Finishes, Materials and More!

When you think of building finishing material, a can of wood stain or wood finish may immediately come to mind. This is certainly one way you can finish your portable building. Applying wood stain to a wooden batten board shed is going to give the building an extra layer of protection from rain, snow and even the sun. In addition, there are many shades of color when it comes to building finishes. Materials needed for staining a wooden building include a foam brush, plenty of stain, water, mild soap and a bucket. The water and soap are for cleaning the walls of the wooden shed in preparation for staining. Building finishing material in the form of wood stain is available at hardware stores and big box stores that specialize in supplies for home improvement projects.

Depending on the purpose of the portable storage building, you can finish it by adding items to its interior. For instance, if it’s a garden storage shed, putting up a rack for gardening tools or moving a table inside it to hold flower pots, watering cans, etc. can be the perfect finishing touch. Alternatively, if the portable storage building is to be used as a garage you may put in a utility shelf where you can store car-related items such as window cleaner, oil, and tools.

Decorative Touches

Finishing a portable building can also involve adding some decorative items to the area. The types of items you add depend upon your personal tastes and how you want your building to look. For instance, if you have a porch on your shed you can add some chairs or even a small bench for people to relax on. Outdoor furniture is available in plastic, wicker, wood, and other materials.

If you enjoy having a lot of flowers around you, you can put planters of colorful blooms on the ground next to the building. Choose your favorite flowers, put them in two small planters and place them at the entrance of the building. Flower boxes are also a nice touch if you have a portable building with a railing or two. Flower boxes can also be placed at the windows of a portable storage building.

If you’re looking for a few more simple items to help finish your portable building I suggest wind chimes, an interesting birdhouse, and a flag. These things are easy to put up, but add unique interest to your building. You may also want to put a sign up on the door with your family’s name on it or maybe one with a memorable quote inscribed on it. Maybe it could display a funny saying that captures people’s attention. No matter what changes you make, I’m sure your finished portable building will stand out from the crowd! -Alan

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