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How To Extend The Life of Your Patio Into Fall

metal carport patio

Summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up spending time on your patio just yet. Even as the cooler temperatures set in, you can still enjoy time out on your beautiful patio. Today, I have some ideas for how to make your patio more inviting during the cooler months.

Get a Hot Tub

Do you like the thought of sitting in a bubbling hot tub on a cool autumn evening? If you have space on your patio, think about investing in a hot tub. Hot tubs do require regular maintenance, but using one may be the perfect way to enjoy watching the leaves change color in the fall.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to host barbecues for friends and family right through the autumn months. Slip on a sweatshirt and knit hat to cook up some hamburgers: Soon, the oven and stove in your outdoor kitchen will exude heat, warming the patio area for everyone.

Upgrade Your Lighting

As the sun begins to set sooner, upgrading your patio lighting can make the area a more inviting place to spend time. You can install hanging lanterns, wall lights, or even pathway lights, depending on your space and the tone you’re trying to set. String some white LED lights along the fence or elsewhere around the patio to give the area a celebratory atmosphere.

Use a Pergola as a Sitting Area

Getting a pergola for your backyard patio is another idea to consider for the fall. Make the area beneath your pergola into a comfortable sitting area by laying down an area rug, getting an arrangement of cozy outdoor furniture, and putting up curtains. A portable heater can add a lot of warmth to your unique sitting area while you enjoy a great book, a nap, or conversation with family and friends.

Make Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater

Consider getting a portable movie screen to set up in your backyard. Set up your projector and settle in on your patio furniture to enjoy a movie or TV show in the great outdoors! A portable heater, warm blankets, and a big bowl of delicious popcorn will make your patio theater better than your local drive-in! A steel carport can provide some space for dry seating.

Install a Fire Pit or Outdoor Chiminea

A fire pit in your backyard can make your patio area all the more appealing. You can get a fire pit grill and cook dinner over the flames, or you can use your fire pit to roast marshmallows while telling some scary ghost stories!

An outdoor chiminea can also add warmth to your patio area. They are available in a variety of styles and materials. You may want a traditional clay chiminea, or perhaps you’d rather have one made of cast iron. Regardless of what your chiminea is made of, the wood fire within can give off enough heat to make your patio toasty!

I hope one or more of these ideas transforms your patio into the place to be this fall. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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