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How to Create Your Own Backyard Movie Theater


Vertical carport with an optional gable closed.  The vertical style carports are the strongest style carport which allows snow to slide off of the roof.

Have you ever imagined your backyard as an outdoor movie theater? Well, with a little effort, you can transform your backyard into a movie theater this summer. This is a great project because there are plenty of opportunities for kids and grandkids to help out. Enjoy!

How to Make a Movie Screen for the Backyard

You can create a homemade movie screen with just a few materials, including two white, king-sized flat sheets, PVC pipe, PVC elbows, PVC “T” pipe connectors, eye bolts, three buckets, gravel, sand, and rope. The process involves taking the sheets and cutting two large pieces measuring 100 inches by 56 inches each. Next, sew the two pieces together, leaving four inches open at each corner and four inches of extra fabric overlapping in the center on one side before the center seam. Fold up and sew the fabric four inches from the edge on the sides and the overlapping fabric in the middle to create long pockets: This is where you will insert the PVC pipes and connectors to create a frame for your screen. Each of the supporting legs of your screen will go into a bucket filled with gravel and sand so it will stand up. Be sure to conduct a test with your portable projector to make sure your screen is positioned in the best possible location.

Setting the Tone of Your Backyard Movie Theater

Once your screen is set up, you can work on the seating for your backyard theater. One idea is to arrange some basic lawn chairs in front of the screen or even put out some loungers for a more relaxing viewing experience. Another idea is to set up some wooden benches with cushions on them. If you want to watch a movie with your sweetheart, you could put a portable porch swing in front of the screen! Hang some Japanese lanterns from trees or put some LED candles in your backyard to create soft lighting. Be sure to put out some citronella candles if you have a lot of mosquitoes around your area.

Fun Movie Snacks

What movie theater is complete without popcorn? Give your neighbors and friends a treat by making some tasty kettle corn or put out different toppings such as cinnamon, shredded cheese, and chocolate chips so people can choose the toppings they want for their popcorn. Other fun movie snacks include small bottles of soda in an ice-filled cooler, nachos with cheese sauce, and an assortment of candy bars in a basket.

Some Extras That Bring More Fun to the Experience

If you want to have several people over for a movie in your backyard, there are several things you can do to make your movie night all the more special. For one, you could send out invitations featuring a movie theme. I like the idea of handing out novelty movie tickets to guests as they enter your backyard. Ask a kid to be the usher who shows your guests to their seats. Also, play some music for your guests until the movie is ready to start.

Finally, be sure to check the weather report before setting the date for movie night in your backyard. A movie is a fun idea, especially on a clear summer evening. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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