How to Build a Wood Gazebo

There are basically 2 different ways to build a wood gazebo. 

how to assemble wood gazebo kit

The easy way is to get a precut wood gazebo kit that comes with step by step instructions and all of the materials required for assembly.  The other way would be to get all of the materials from scratch which first involves figuring out how much of each type, size and the number of each piece of wood you need along with the hardware to put it together.  For some people with time on there hands and a good level of carpentry experience this second route could be a good fit.  But for most homeowners the idea of a wood gazebo kit that has all of the wood not only provided but precut to the exact dimension needed for assembly is the way to go and for that reason we will be covering some of the aspects on how to build a wood gazebo kit.  Alan’s Factory Outlet wood pressure treated gazebo kits come with a more detailed 10 step instructions.  Looking for less upkeep the white vinyl gazebo kits are also made in vinyl vs the pressure treated wood gazebos that will require periodic stain.

Before we go over the 7 steps in the installation process, lets go over some general information about the installation process.  Again all of the pieces are pre-cut so you will not need to do any cutting on the wood.  Each of the common sections are bundled and wrapped together.  Safety is the most important thing to remember we definitely recommend having a 2nd person to help with the installation of the wood gazebo kit.  The only tools needed will be common household tools such as a power drill with bits to fit the fastening screws.  The pilot holes will make the screw installation easier.  Make sure to not make the drill hole too big as doing so will cause the screw not to have a proper fit.  Other tools such as a rubber mallet, hammer for driving roofing nails, tape measure to double check the size of the pieces before fastening.  A level to make sure everything is level including the base foundation.  A ladder will me required to access the roof.  You will want to make sure the area that you use to start the assembly is the location you want the gazebo to be placed.

On the safety front you will want to wear safety glasses, gloves and safety shoes.

The recommended base should be a level 4″ to 6″ gravel base or a minimum of 4″ thick concrete slab.  We recommend anchoring the gazebo with 4 anchors.

10 Steps on how to build a wood gazebo kit

  1. In step 1 you will be building the foundation and which consists of pressure treated 2″ x 6″ joists.  There is also 2″x8″ skirting around the perimeter.  You will bolt the 2″x6″‘s at points they meet.
  2. You will be install the post and the 2″x4″ floor joists that will help fit the pie shaped floor sections.
  3. Decking installation:  Place the 8 pie shaped sections of the floor into place along with the center ring section.
  4. Railing setup:  Fasten the top rail sections and the bottom rails.
  5. Install the roof rafter and the chimney which is the center tip part of the gazebo.
  6. You will continue with the roof rafter installation of the roof rafters which are fastened to the top rail.
  7. Finish fastening the Corner rafters and the jack rafters which are the roof rafters with the notch in them.
  8. Next you will install the 8 face board sections which is the edge of the roof line sections. 
  9. After the face board and end trim caps are done you will put the roof on.
  10. On this final step you will put on the roof cabbing and the cupola.  Its now time to celebrate as you’ve just finished the assembly of single roof wood gazebo kit. 

This brief overview covered the wood single roof octagon gazebo kits in the 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ sides.  Additional assembly instructions are provided for the oval gazebos, double roof gazebos and the optional screen package.      

Here are the more detailed step by step assembly instructions for the wood gazebo kits.

Alan’s Factory Outlet Amish built gazebo kits are delivered to all of the USA lower 48 states with free shipping to 37 states in the US on the diy gazebo kit.  Another similar product that is delivered in the USA are the wood pergola kits.