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How to Best Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter Season

The arrival of fall doesn’t mean the end of caring for your lawn. In fact, the truth is just the opposite: Preparing your lawn now is important if you want to keep your grass healthy through the winter season. Today, I have a few tasks to put on your fall to-do list.

Mow the Lawn

Don’t put the lawnmower into the garage for the winter just yet. It’s a good idea to mow your lawn regularly until the grass stops growing. This can prevent mold and fungus from forming on your grass over the winter months. Plus, you get to enjoy looking out your windows at a well-manicured lawn for a little while longer.

Get Rid of Weeds

This task always seems to make its way onto a list of lawn preparation tips. Did you ever notice that? Nevertheless, pulling weeds in the fall reduces the amount you’ll have to deal with in the springtime. Be sure to get the weeds out of your garden as well.

Aerate the Ground

Aerate your lawn in the fall to keep the grass roots healthy. Aerating provides a way for sunlight, moisture, and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass. Leave the aeration plugs on your lawn so they can break down naturally and nourish your grass.

Put Down Seed

If you have bare spots on your lawn, put some seed on them. The fall weather has a lot of moisture, which helps the grass seed to grow. Spread some straw on top of the seed to discourage birds from stealing it for a quick snack.


Putting down fertilizer in the fall helps to strengthen the grass for the spring. The fertilizer moves to the roots of the grass and is stored over the winter months.

Put Down Mulch

If you raked this year, use those leaves to mulch the trees in your yard. Surround the base of each tree with mulch that’s 3 to 6 inches deep. Leaves are natural mulch that can supply trees with nutrients and serve to control the temperature of the soil. If you have any shrubs in your yard, put leaves around those, too. Don’t forget to put a thin layer of leaves in your garden to nourish and protect the soil.

Wrap Young Tree Trunks

If you have young trees in your yard, wrapping their trunks is another item to have on your to-do list for winter lawn prep. The wrapping protects a young tree from sunscald that can damage its bark.

Prepare the Lawnmower for Storage

After cutting the lawn for the final time this year, it’s a smart idea to prepare the mower for winter storage. This involves emptying the gas tank, removing the blade, and cleaning the underside of the mower, among other things. Taking a bit of time to prepare the mower for winter storage can help streamline the process of getting it running next spring.

Remember that preparing your lawn for the winter months plays a part in how beautiful the grass will look next spring. Your grass will thank you! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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