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Homeowner’s Insurance: Does it Cover Leaking Roofs on Portable Storage Buildings?

Hi everybody! The title of today’s blog comes in the form of a question. Does home owners insurance cover a leaking roof on a portable storage building? The answer is yes. Most of the time, a leak is covered by a standard home owners insurance policy. Of course, I recommend that you take a close look at the section of your policy that outlines any details regarding storage structures on the property. Or, you can give your insurance agent a call and ask about more specifics. It’s a good idea to review the language in your insurance policy so you can avoid any surprises. Here are some tips to consider if you do find that the roof of your portable storage building has a leak.

Immediate Steps to Take

The first thing to do if you discover a leak in the roof of your portable storage building is to remove any items beneath the dripping water. Hopefully, you will notice the leak right away so you can prevent damage to your bicycles, tools and other stored items. If there is an item in the shed that can’t be removed easily because of its size or weight, you can throw a plastic tarp over it for protection. Secondly, put a bucket or other receptacle beneath the leak to catch the water so your floor will be protected from damage. The next step is to take photos of the leaky roof from a variety of angles. If you take photos of the roof from above, be sure to have someone else with you to hold the ladder steady. Also, you should take photos of any stored items with water damage. All of these photos serve as proof of the damage for the company that provides your home insurance. Building photos should display as much detail as possible. After taking the photos, call your insurance agent right away so an adjuster can come out and inspect the damage to the roof. If your claim is approved, you’ll receive money to start making the repairs.

Why Is It Important to Contact Your Home Insurance Company Right Away?

Every time it rains or snows it’s likely that the roof of your portable storage building will start leaking again. All of this water can lead to mold growth. It’s best to get the insurance claim process started so the repairs can get underway. In addition, if the leak is a hole that is relatively large it can allow various pests to make their way into your storage building. Birds, mice, and other small rodents can enter the building and damage items left inside the structure.

Well-Built Portable Storage Buildings Are Our Business

We do recognize the importance of having adequate home insurance. Building dependable storage structures is a matter of pride for us at Alan’s Factory Outlet. Our well-built storage buildings are made to withstand rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions. It’s the quality materials and expert construction that make our storage buildings both sturdy and attractive additions to your property. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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