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Here’s How to Make A DIY Key Holder


Now that winter is here do not forget to protect your cars, boats or other valuable items from the inclement weather.  Alan’s Factory Outlet metal carports are a great affordable option to protect many things besides a car or truck.

With the arrival of the cold temperatures and snowy weather, it’s a great time to stay inside to work on some creative projects. One idea is a DIY key holder for your house and car keys. Just because a key holder is a practical item doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive as well. Consider a few ideas to get you started on a fun new home for your keys.

Recycling Your Utensils

Do you have some old silverware or utensils you don’t know what to do with? If so, you can use them to create a unique key holder. Your supplies for this project include glue, a few small squares of unpainted wood, acrylic paint, triangle hangers, and a few old forks or spoons. The amount of forks and spoons you need depends on how many keys there are in your collection.

Frame Your Keys

If you’re looking for a simple yet creative way to store your keys, this is the option for you! The supplies for this frame key holder include several screw hooks, a nail, a sawtooth picture hanger, a hammer, and a wooden picture frame without the glass. You could use a modern picture frame for this project or go with a vintage-looking frame complete with chipped paint. This key holder instantly turns your plain car keys into a work of art!

Birdhouse Key Holders

If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’re going to love these key holders made with mini-birdhouses. You can find all the supplies you need, including mini-birdhouses, washi tape, and primer, at a craft store. If you don’t want to use decorative tape, you could enlist your children or grandchildren to paint each of the birdhouses. Be sure you have plenty of space on the wall of your kitchen or hallway for your collection of birdhouse key holders. You can even hang a birdhouse in your shed to hold the keys to your riding lawnmower. I suggest purchasing a tiny plastic bird to put in the opening of each birdhouse to make your creations all the more entertaining!

A Key Holder for Dog-Lovers

The next DIY key holder is ideal for a family that loves dogs. The supplies for this key holder include an unpainted piece of lightweight wood in the shape of a dog bone, several screw hooks, a sawtooth picture hanger, a nail, and a hammer. Simply insert the screw hooks in a line across the bottom of the wooden dog bone and attach the sawtooth picture hanger to the back. If you want to make your dog bone key holder more interesting, give it a colorful coat of paint or paint your dog’s name across the top. Hang it on a nail in your garage or inside your house near the front door.

Give an Old Window Shutter New Life

You can give an old shutter a new lease on life by making it into a mail holder as well as a key holder. Transform your shutter using a piece of sandpaper, some paint, a paintbrush, a paper bag, a couple of nails, a sawtooth picture hanger, and some screw hooks. You can organize your incoming mail in the slats of your colorful new shutter. Plus, your keys will be secure on screw hooks at the top, bottom, or sides of your shutter.

This is a great project to work on with your kids or grandkids when they’re on vacation or are out of school on a snow day. Have fun, and thanks for reading! – Alan

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