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Get Your Green Thumb Glowing With Air Plants


Have you ever heard of air plants? These are plants that can thrive despite receiving very little care and attention. Plus, you can let your imagination run wild when coming up with a way to display your air plants. My post today is all about air plants and how they can be the perfect starter plant for a green thumb in training. Enjoy!

What Are Air Plants?

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are unique because they don’t need soil to grow. They grow by attaching their roots to a rock, a shrub, trees, or the ground. These plants are available at garden stores, greenhouses, and sometimes even in the flower department of a grocery store.

How to Care for Your Air Plant

Put your air plant somewhere in your home where it can get partial sunlight. Also, it’s important to make sure that air is circulating around it at all times. Air plants need to be watered about once a week. Simply put your plant in the kitchen sink or a bathtub to give it a light rinse. Let your plant drain overnight before putting it back in its place. If the air in your home is especially dry in the wintertime, mist the base of your air plant as well as its leaves with water every three or four days.

Varieties of Air Plants

You may be surprised to learn that there are more than 600 varieties of air plants. One example is the Tillandsia lorentziana. It has long, thin leaves covered with white fuzz that feels like velvet. Tillandsia tricolor lives up to its name, with a dark green base, light green leaves, and red tints throughout. Tillandsia myosura is pale green with slender, curling leaves. I think getting two or three different varieties of air plants can add a lot of interest to the interior of a home.

Designs for Air Plants

One of the best things about an air plant is that you can get creative with how you display it. One idea is to grow an air plant in a dish of decorative rocks or pebbles, which be found at garden stores or even a pet store. Another idea is to find a large, beautiful shell and position your air plant on top of it. There are glass globes and large bottles designed to accommodate the needs of an air plant. Many people like to hang these air plant globes and bottles in front of a window. If you want to try putting your air plant in a globe or bottle, try suspending it from the ceiling with a couple of pieces of sturdy fishing line. This makes it look like the air plant is floating!

An air plant is an excellent option if you like plants that need very little maintenance. You certainly have a lot of appealing colors, textures, and sizes to choose from when searching for the perfect air plant. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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