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Gardening Trends To Look Forward to in 2020

Do you want to try a new type of gardening this year? If so, check out some of these top gardening trends for the spring and summer of 2020.

  1. Organic Gardening: This is a big gardening trend for 2020 that looks like it’s going to stick around for the foreseeable future. When you create an organic garden, you’re not using toxic chemicals that can harm the soil and end up polluting your local water source. Also, the vegetables you grow will be safer for your family to eat. As a bonus, you’ll save money on your grocery bill by growing your own organic vegetables!
  2. Gardens That Benefit Wildlife: Growing a garden that benefits wildlife (and people) is becoming very popular with experienced and beginner gardeners alike. Some plants are particularly attractive to pollinators like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and even bats. Bee balm, delphinium, goldenrod, salvia, and asters are all plants that are attractive to pollinators.
  3. A Garden With Water for Birds and Insects: This gardening trend can serve pollinators and other wildlife by providing them with water to drink during the hot summer months. You may want to add a birdbath to your garden or perhaps create a small fishpond featuring a gurgling fountain. Not only will your water source serve wildlife in your area, but it will set a soothing tone in your garden.
  4. Landscaping With Symmetrical Plants: This trend can give a touch of harmony to your garden or landscape. Bonus: Creating this type of garden is easier than you think. One idea is to put one Baby Gem boxwood on each side of your front steps. Make sure they’re identical in size and shape. The trick is to create a mirror image with plants to bring balance to the area.
  5. Growing Dual-Purpose Plants: This gardening trend is sure to be a favorite with green thumbs everywhere. A dual-purpose plant may have a strong scent as well as a colorful appearance. Some examples include scented primrose, viburnum, lilac, and brugmansia. Or you can take a more practical approach and plant dual-purpose flowers that are beautiful and keep the mosquitoes away. Some of these include lavender, bee balm, marigolds, and floss flowers.
  6. Creating a Secluded Area in the Yard: If you’d like to create a quiet place in your garden or yard to read, listen to music, or just think, then this trend is for you. If you have a favorite corner of your patio, put up a trellis and plant some Boston ivy or star jasmine nearby so it will climb the trellis, making your hideaway more private. Planting hedges that will grow tall is another way to enjoy more privacy in your favorite outdoor sitting area.
  7. Keeping Giant Houseplants: This trend is great if you want to enjoy looking at some enormous houseplants in your home this year. Alocasia is known for its large, patterned leaves. Monstera is another big houseplant that can grow to be several feet tall depending on its variety. The fiddle-leaf fig and corn plant are two others to consider.
  8. Growing Vertical Gardens: The vertical gardening trend has always been popular, especially with people who don’t have space for a traditional garden. A trellis can be the foundation of a vertical garden of flowering vines. Or consider making a planter out of a wooden pallet and leaning it against a wall of your metal building or home where it will receive the right amount of sunlight each day.
  9. Growing Dwarf Plants: Create a collection of blooms that take up little space but are just as beautiful as their bigger cousins. Dwarf hydrangeas, dwarf black-eyed Susans, and dwarf zinnias are just a few of the many varieties of plants you can use to create this unique garden.

I hope you give one of these fun trends a whirl this spring. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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