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Fun Landscaping Ideas for the Fall


“Landscaping around your carport with evergreen trees is one way to set it apart”

The arrival of fall brings along with it some breathtaking colors. I love to see the red, yellow, and orange leaves appearing on the trees all around my neighborhood. You may think you have to wait until next spring to spruce up your yard, but that’s not true. There are plenty of imaginative landscaping ideas perfect for autumn. Here are a few examples to get you started. Enjoy!

Create Ground Cover

One way to add some fall color to your yard is to plant ground cover. For instance, cranberry cotoneaster is fast-growing ground cover that features dark leaves and bright red berries in autumn. In the springtime, you get to enjoy its pale pink flowers. A cranberry cotoneaster can grow to be three feet tall and cover up to five feet of ground. It does best when planted in an area that receives full sun. Another popular type of ground cover is Zeblid Scarletta. This type of ground cover grows to be about three feet wide and three or four feet tall. In early spring into summer, it has fragrant white flowers and burgundy leaves. In the fall, its leaves turn a deep shade of copper. This plant flourishes in an area with partial shade. I like the idea of having plants that continue to transform themselves right through the fall season; don’t you?

Get a Pergola

A pergola is a great addition to a yard any time of the year! It’s the perfect place to hang strings of white lights to decorate for a gathering with friends on a cool autumn evening Or, you could embellish the look of your pergola with Virginia creeper vine. The deep red leaves of this plant are practically a symbol of fall. Decorating a pergola with English ivy is another idea if you’re looking for attractive vining that does well in the cooler weather.

Plant Evergreens

Fall is an excellent time to plant evergreen trees and shrubs. By planting them in the fall, you’re giving their roots time to develop in the warm soil. Evergreen trees are available in many shapes and textures that can lend year round interest to the appearance of your yard. Plus, thick evergreen trees and shrubs serve as shelter for many birds that don’t fly south for the winter.

Plant Flowers That Love the Cool Weather

Did you know that there are flowers that flourish in the cooler temperatures? These blooms are something to consider when creating your fall landscape. Polar pansies are available in brilliant blue, pink, yellow, white, and orange. These flowers can be planted in the fall and are frost-tolerant. It’s an incredible sight to see these beautiful blooms pressing upward from beneath a late February snowfall! Russian sage is another plant that loves the cool weather. This sturdy plant features a unique silver-blue color. Chrysanthemums, Dianthus, and snapdragons are other flowers that aren’t afraid of the cold temperatures.

So now you have some fall landscaping ideas for your backyard this year. As the mornings get cooler, don’t forget to put a scarf and winter hat on your favorite garden gnome! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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