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Fun D.I.Y. Projects to Spookify Your Home and Yard


Fun DIY Projects to Spookify Your Home and Yard

Do you like to decorate your home and yard for Halloween? If you do, there are plenty of creative ideas out there that can help you to spruce up your yard or home just in time for the 31st. I think that the most imaginative decorations are the ones that are made using a few items found around the house. Take a look at some ideas that can help make your home look creepy on Halloween.

A Troupe of Glowing Ghosts

Decorating your front door for Halloween is easy with the help of some glowing ghosts. Get the kids involved in this DIY project by letting them draw the faces on the white balloons using black marker. Glow sticks are fairly inexpensive and can be found in packs with assorted colors. Use tape to display these scary ghosts around your doorway and you’ll have the creepiest house on the block!

Pumpkins Crawling With Spiders

Chances are good that you already have a pumpkin or two on the front porch. Instead of carving them, create a spider theme by making a spider web with black yarn and draping it over your pumpkins. (It’s best to use black yarn instead of white because it shows up better at a distance.) Make some spiders using tiny black pom-poms for their bodies and black pipe cleaners for their legs. Be sure to give each of them a couple of wiggly eyes so they can see all of the neighborhood kids! If you want to make extra-creepy spiders, I recommend you give each of them eight wiggly eyes. To add some bigger spiders to the collection, attach black pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes to a few large balls of black yarn. Pose the spiders in various places on and around your pumpkins.

Give Your Home or Yard a Creepy Glow

Mason jar pumpkins and mummies are fun additions to your home’s Halloween decor. Enlist the help of the kids to find the mason jars, black construction paper, gauze, and other materials. You can get really creative with the faces of the pumpkins! Place a jar in each window of your home or put them on a table as part of your Halloween party décor. These crafts are easy to make and give your home spooky lighting that’s perfect for the occasion. I recommend this one for anyone who wants to put a twist on the traditional Halloween pumpkin with a candle inside of it.

A Witch’s Wardrobe

If you want to add a little humor to your Halloween décor, try putting up a clothes line between two trees in the front yard. Use clothes pins to hang up two or three black dresses with flowing sleeves, a few pairs of black and white striped tights, a black cape, and even a witch’s hat or two. Put a laundry basket full of black scarves on the ground near the clothes line. Prop a broom up against one of the trees as a finishing touch.

You Are Being Watched!

This Halloween put some creatures with glowing eyes into the bushes and in various places around your yard. Once again, the kids can get involved by collecting old cardboard tubes from paper towel or toilet paper rolls. They can also draw eyes of different shapes and sizes on the tubes. Add in a few glow sticks as well as a bit of duct tape and your creatures are complete!

Enjoy the rest of your October, and thanks for reading. – Alan

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