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Fictional Garages That You’ll Want


‘Create Your Dream Garage’

If you looked out into your garage right now, what would you see? Chances are, you’d see your car or maybe a truck, tools, garbage cans and a collection of boxes filled with miscellaneous items. Or, perhaps you use your garage as a workshop. In that case, you may have a workbench, table saw, a wall of tools and some rolling cabinets. You may think of a garage as just a place to work or store things. But, have you ever seen a cool garage in a movie and wanted one just like it? Take a look at some memorable garages from a few popular films.

The Bat Cave/Garage in the movie Batman

If Bruce Wayne/Batman ever had any old books, used clothing or even a new waffle iron still in its original box, he would have plenty of space to store it. Batman’s bat cave/garage holds a bank of computers, monitors and even a moving platform designed especially for the bat mobile. This superhero has an elaborate workshop in his garage where he comes up with the latest tool or weapon that is sure to come in handy when fighting villains in Gotham city. If you had Batman’s bat cave/garage, you may never want to go back into the house again. But, could you ever get used to the live bats hanging from the ceiling?

Doc Emmet Brown’s Garage

Does the name Doc Brown sound familiar? It probably does if you saw the movie, Back to the Future. Doc Brown conducted all of his experiments in his garage including his work on a car that travels through time. If you like to tinker with cars, machines or appliances, you probably dreamed of trying all of the clever mechanical inventions in Doc’s garage. The main character in the movie, Marty McFly, visited Doc’s garage in the first scene to play a few notes on his electric guitar. He discovered the hard way that Doc had tweaked the speaker system just a little bit. I liked the invention that Doc created to feed his dog, Einstein. Just goes to show that inspiration and creativity can happen in all sorts of places.

The Garage in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

If you’re into movies made in the 1980s, there is a good chance you saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris is a teenager who decides to make the most of a beautiful spring day by skipping school. He invites some friends along for the ride. His best friend, Cameron Frye, has a garage with glass walls that looks like it’s perched in the tree tops of the surrounding woods. This is the home of the red Ferrari that the kids take for the day. This garage is not just a structure that protects vehicles from the elements. It’s really a showroom for the fancy cars belonging to Cameron’s father. It’s the perfect place to display a classic sports car as long you never mistakenly put the car into reverse instead of first gear!

I hope that thinking about these garages inspires you to new and imaginative changes in your own garage. Thanks for reading!  – Alan

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