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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Outdoor Dad


Do you have a father in your life who is outdoorsy? Maybe your father likes to spend time fixing household items in his garage workshop. Or perhaps you have a husband who loves to spend time working in the garden so he has plenty of vegetables for his family all summer. I know for a fact that dads appreciate Father’s Day gifts that help them enjoy their outdoor activities. Check out some gift ideas for your favorite fathers on Father’s Day.

Cleaning and Organizing His Shed

Does your father or husband spend a lot of time in the storage shed looking for shovels, rakes, spades, and other tools for garden work? If so, give him the gift of a clean, organized shed. First, sweep the dirt and dust out of the shed. Don’t forget the spiderwebs in the corners near the ceiling. Use a mild cleaning solution to clean the inside and outside of the shed windows. Organize his garden tools using a label system so he knows exactly where everything is at a glance. Add some extras to the shed that he will appreciate. For instance, put up a paper towel holder if he uses a lot of paper towels in the shed, or hang an old basket on the wall to hold clean rags or fresh pairs of gardening gloves. He will appreciate the thought you put into this gift.

Add Some Flair to His Garage Workshop

There are plenty of ways to add pizzazz to the look of a garage workshop. The father in your life would probably appreciate having some artwork on the walls. They may spark his creativity for those DIY projects he’s always working on. The artwork can be classic prints done by famous artists throughout the centuries. These can be found at yard sales, secondhand shops, and discount art stores online. If you have young children or grandchildren, you can ask them to make some artwork instead. I especially like this idea because it adds a personal touch to the gift. Posters and photographs are other ideas to dress up a workshop for a father on Father’s Day.

Give Dad’s Mower Some Attention

Dads who like to maintain their lawns need their lawn mowers to be in tip-top condition. Another idea for a good Father’s Day gift is to perform some maintenance work on his lawnmower. Check the mower’s air filter to see if it’s clogged with dirt. If so, put in a replacement so the mower runs cleanly and efficiently. Consult the owner’s manual when choosing the proper air filter replacement. Next, disconnect the spark plug on the lawn mower and inspect its undercarriage. If it’s clogged and caked with grass clippings, use a wire brush to remove this debris. After loosening the debris with the brush, spray the underside with a hose. Your dad’s lawn mower will run more smoothly without all of that gunk underneath it. Check the amount of oil in the mower to see if it needs more. Use a soft rag and mild detergent to clean the handle and top side of the mower. With the grass clippings, dust, and dirt gone, it will shine like it’s brand new!

I hope you and all of the fathers in your life have a wonderful Father’s Day. Thanks for reading. – Alan

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