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Even Things Out With Your Bumpy Lawn


This time of year, it’s wise to examine the condition of your lawn. I like to take a walk around my yard to check out any changes that’ve taken place over the winter. If you find that your lawn is uneven or bumpy, it may be due to damage caused by moles digging beneath the surface. Or your lawn could be uneven due to drought or frost pushing the turf out of place. Leveling out your lawn can be done with a little bit of know-how and some supplies from your local lawn and garden center. Consider these ideas that can help your lawn look its best.

Regrade Your Lawn

If your lawn is bumpy and you notice a lot of standing water in one area, you may have poor drainage. Instead of being completely flat, your lawn should gently slope away from your home so rainwater and melted snow can flow away from your foundation. Grading your yard to improve the drainage process can get rid of some of the bumpiness of your lawn. More importantly, it can prevent your basement from flooding and other costly damage caused by water.

Fill in Low Spots

Have you noticed some low spots throughout your yard? Filling them in can even out the surface of your yard. Create a filler mixture consisting of quality topsoil, orange sand, and compost. Orange sand has nutrients that can benefit your lawn. Using a square-point shovel, fill in the low spots with your mixture, and use a rake to make sure the surface is even with the rest of your yard. Tamp down the filler with your rake so it doesn’t simply flow out of the hole the next time it rains. Sprinkling some water on top of the filler is another way to ensure that it solidifies and stays put in the hole.

Plant Grass

A collection of bare spots can ruin the look of a green, healthy lawn. Put some grass seed on those bare spots followed by a bit of topsoil to keep it in place. Use your hands to pat down the seeds, and give these areas an adequate amount of water for two days or so after planting. Moisture will help the seeds to germinate. Once new grass starts to spring up in place of those bare spots, your lawn will look a lot more level.

Check Out Your Sprinkler System

A malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause flooding in some areas of your lawn and a lack of water in others. Too much moisture in some areas of a lawn can cause the soil to become uneven. I suggest you ask a friend to turn on the sprinkler system while you walk across your lawn looking for any leaks or areas of ground that are becoming saturated. Fixing any issues with your sprinkler system should be done before you address the problem areas of your lawn.

Once you level the surface of your lawn, you may want to put up a swing set for kids or grandkids to enjoy. Or you might start a flower or vegetable garden in one corner of the yard. A level lawn is the perfect setting for a few young trees, a fountain, or even a gazebo! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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