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Essential Tips For Garage Door Maintenance


Most people who park their car in a garage at home don’t think much about their garage door. They simply expect the door to open and close whenever they need it to. But like most things, a garage door needs a certain amount of maintenance to ensure that it serves its purpose. This week, I’m sharing some maintenance tips and advice that can help you keep your garage door in good working order.

Observe the Operation of Your Garage Door

At the start of every spring and fall, take a minute or two to stand in your garage to watch your door in action. A garage door that is in excellent condition moves up and down in a smooth, even way. Also, the door should sit evenly on your garage floor. If you see daylight coming in beneath your garage door, it may mean that the bottom seal is worn or damaged. Replacing the bottom seal on your garage door can correct this problem. In addition, the seal helps to keep cold air, leaves, and snow from drifting in beneath your door. If your garage door is shaking or jerking as it operates, there may be a problem with its springs or pulleys. If you have a garage door with torsion springs, don’t try to adjust them. These are high-tension springs that can cause serious injury. It’s a good idea to call a professional if your door is moving in an erratic way.

Examine the Hardware on Your Door

Every six months, check the bolts on your garage door to see if they are tight. Also, look at the joints, hinges, and rollers on your door to determine if they are worn out. Each piece of hardware should be firmly in place with no signs of rust or other damage.

Lubricate Parts of Your Door

Lubricating various parts of your garage door is an important part of maintenance. Once a year, spray non-silicone lubricant on the door’s springs, bearings, and hinges. Avoid getting any lubricant on the tracks of your garage door because this can make your door slip and work improperly. Instead, wipe the tracks with a rag to remove dust and dirt that may interfere with the operation of the rollers.

Check the Balance of Your Door

Once a year, check to see if your garage door is balanced. If you have an automatic door, close it and disconnect it from the opener by pulling the cord hanging from your garage door rail. Then, pull your door halfway up and slowly let go of the handle. If the door starts to go up or down on its own, it means it is unbalanced. It’s best to contact a professional to balance your door if you find that it’s needed.

Clean the Exterior of Your Door

Each spring, clean the exterior of your garage door with a gentle detergent and water. I recommend using a soft sponge to remove dirt and mud so you don’t put any scratches on the surface of the door. Then, rinse your door with a garden hose. Cleaning the exterior can prevent staining and maintains the appeal of your door.

Remember that a little bit of maintenance can keep your garage door running as it should! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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