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Do You Know The Different Types of Gazebo Designs?

diy gazebo designs

A gazebo is a perfect place for an outdoor gathering with friends and family. In a gazebo, you and your loved ones get to enjoy a warm afternoon together while staying out of the sun. I think that a gazebo is an ideal place to sit and sip a glass of lemonade on a hot summer afternoon! It probably comes as no surprise that gazebos have been around for centuries. Remember the glass gazebo in Salzburg where Liesl and Rolf danced in the film The Sound of Music? Well, not all gazebos have to be that fancy, but I firmly believe that each one of them possesses its own charm. Look at some of the different types of gazebos as well as the details that make them unique.

Pavilion Design

A pavilion gazebo made in the shape of an octagon is a familiar sight in many gardens. Occupants of this compact type of gazebo enjoy the fresh air flowing in from all sides. In addition to octagonal gazebos in this design, we also have rectangular and oval-shaped gazebos. We offer a selection of either vinyl or wooden gazebos with a choice of either a single or double roof. In short, we give you several options that can help you put your own unique twist on the classic pavilion design!

Victorian Design

This sort of gazebo has a design that echoes the style of houses built during the Victorian era. These gazebos have a lot of intricate, curvy details in their beams, knee braces, and wall panels. A person may purchase a Victorian-style gazebo to complement their Victorian-style home.


This is a different type of gazebo. Unlike a traditional gazebo, a pergola doesn’t have a floor. It has colonnades that support a series of rafters. There is space between the rafters, which means that it doesn’t offer much protection from the rain! Some owners erect a shade over the top of their pergola so they can enjoy the structure as well as protection from the sun. I suggest you decorate your pergola with vines or even flowers to give it some extra flair. You may even want to purchase a privacy lattice to add to the look of your pergola.


A gazebo in a rotunda design puts the focus on its roof. The roof of this circular gazebo is made in the shape of a dome. This ornate design is seen in a lot of public parks. If you’re looking for a great example of a rotunda roof, check out the U.S. Capitol Rotunda!

We offer pre-built gazebos as well as gazebo kits. Wooden benches, four-track windows, and removable screens are a few examples of the extras you can opt for when purchasing one of our wooden gazebo kits. Choosing the size and design you want allows you to end up with a gazebo that becomes one of the highlights of your property! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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