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DIY Holiday Front Yard Decorations


Say you’d like to dress up your front yard for the holiday season, but you don’t want to spend a ton on decorations. I have good news! There are many DIY decorations that can give your front yard some holiday spirit without a big investment. Take a look!

Terra-Cotta Snowmen

A terra-cotta snowman is one of the simplest holiday decorations to make for the front yard. All you need are three terra-cotta pots (one small, one medium, and one large), white paint, black paint, two paintbrushes, a few small sticks from your yard, three large buttons, and craft glue. The first step of the project is to paint your terra-cotta pots white and let them dry. Next, turn the pots upside down and use the biggest pot as your snowman’s base. The medium-sized pot should be set on top of the base, and the small pot will serve as your snowman’s head. Using the black paint, create the eyes, nose, and mouth of your snowman. You can use the craft glue to carefully attach a line of buttons down the front of your creation. Also, using the glue, attach a stick arm to each side of the snowman. If you have an old red scarf or even a black top hat, these can be used to enhance the look of your DIY snowman! If you prefer, you can opt for a gathering of little snowmen instead.

Picket Fence Snow People

If you’re fortunate enough to have a white picket fence around your front yard, you have the main element necessary for making picket fence snow people. You can use washable craft paint to make eyes, a nose, and a mouth on each picket of the fence. Black felt material is perfect for making top hats and buttons for your snow people. Red, blue, or purple felt are all good ideas if you want to make a colorful scarf for each of your creations. You can use removable glue dots to secure these items to each snow person. I suggest giving a funny name to each snowman or giving each one the name of someone in your family. Stringing white LED holiday lights along your picket fence is sure to draw extra attention to your family of snow people.


This is an example of an easy DIY holiday decoration that looks like it took a lot of time to create. You will need a package of white paper lunch bags, a selection of Christmas-themed stencils, a pencil, an X-ACTO knife, and a package of LED tea lights. Put a stencil of a Christmas tree, a snowflake, a snowman, or any other shape you want onto one of the white paper bags. Next, using the X-ACTO knife, cut around the stencil so it creates the shape in the side of the bag. Click the little switch on the bottom of an LED tea light, place it inside the open bag, and set the bag on the railing of your porch or on the steps leading up to your home. You may want to anchor it to the ground using some duct tape on the base of the bag. Make several of these bags with a variety of stencils and you’ll have a collection of appealing luminaries in your front yard. Use LED tea lights that flicker for extra flair!

A Milk Jug Santa Claus

This is a DIY project your kids or grandchildren can help with. First, clean out an empty plastic gallon-sized milk jug. Next, cut off the top two inches of the bottle so you can place an LED tea light down inside it. Decorate the face of your milk jug Santa using felt material and cotton balls. Be sure to give him rosy red cheeks. Turn on your LED tealight, place it in the bottom of the jug, and put a Santa hat on the jug to cover the opening. You could make a milk jug Santa, a Mrs. Claus, some elves, and even a reindeer or two to occupy your front porch or yard.

Explore your creativity with your yard decorations this holiday season! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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