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Deter Critters By Planting These Flowers, Plants, and Herbs


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Is your garden a favorite meeting place of the cats in your neighborhood? Do raccoons or deer pay a visit to your yard every night to see what’s new in your vegetable garden? If the answer is “yes” to either of these questions, you’ll be glad to know that there are natural solutions to these problems. Certain types of plants, herbs, and flowers act as natural deterrents to cats, dogs, raccoons, deer, and other unwelcome visitors to your property. Look at some suggestions for getting these animals to stay clear of your garden.


Have you ever heard of a scaredy cat plant? A scaredy cat plant has a terrible smell that can be compared to skunk spray or animal urine and is powerful enough to discourage cats, dogs, and rabbits from approaching your garden. The smartest cats in your neighborhood who are determined to dig in your garden may try to bypass this plant and enter another way, so be sure to put your scaredy cat plants in a few different areas. Another natural deterrent for cats is rosemary. Once again, it’s the fragrance of this herb that can keep cats at bay. Other cat repellents include curry plants, lavender, and pennyroyal.


Whether they are big or little, dogs can cause a lot of damage to your garden in a short amount of time. They can dig holes, kick dirt around, and step on your young plants. An evergreen shrub known as rue has an odor that is repellent to most dogs. However, you’ll likely appreciate the appearance of its delicate yellow flowers. Lemongrass and lavender both have a fragrance that is unpleasant to dogs and can cause them to stay clear of your garden. You may also consider putting some pungent chili pepper plants in your garden to keep dogs from visiting.


I enjoy seeing a group of deer standing in a nearby field or strolling through an empty lot; don’t you? However, deer can make a meal out of practically anything in a flower or vegetable garden. To steer deer away from your garden, try planting some sage, dill, or oregano. If these deterrents don’t work, at least you’ll have some herbs for your next pot of spaghetti sauce! Also, you can plant daffodils and poppies to keep the deer away. They avoid going near these poisonous plants. Lamb’s ear is another deterrent to deer due to its prickliness.

Mice and Other Rodents

The mice and other rodents around your yard may love visiting your garden to munch on flowers and vegetables. You can prevent them from coming around by planting herbs with a strong fragrance, such as lavender and mint. In addition, you can also keep mice, voles, and gophers away by planting daffodils. It’s always convenient when you can plant one item that repels several types of critters.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Squirrels are notorious for digging holes in garden soil to bury nuts, fruit, and other tidbits to snack on at a future date. Planting garlic, onions, or scallions in your garden can help keep the squirrels away. These have a fragrance that squirrels can’t stand. Furthermore, snowdrops have a scent that squirrels don’t like. Raccoons may also sneak into your garden at night to tear up your favorite veggies, but one way to deter them is to plant some delicious squash or cucumbers. Both of these items have prickly leaves that can hurt the tender paws of a raccoon. As a note, chili pepper plants are just as unpopular with raccoons as they are with dogs.

The best thing about planting many of these natural deterrents is that they are attractive to look at and you may even be able to enjoy them on the dinner table. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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