Custom Horse Barns

Alan’s Factory Outlet Amish made board batten pine wood custom horse barns are delivered to your field fully assembled and ready for your horse or horses.

alans factory outlet custom horse barns

As you can see the custom built wood horse barns and wooden run in sheds are made in a wide variety of different sizes to fit your horse or horses needs today and in the future.  The ready built horse barns are made with a heavy duty oak kick board to with stand the kicks of your horse and also made portable with 4 tow hooks on the corners to you can move it later if you want by dragging it.

For the exact sizes and prices available check out the horse barn prices.

The current average lead time to get horse barn built and delivered is currently 4 to 6 weeks, of course this could go up or down, but the key point is to plan ahead and allow some time to buy a horse barn before the winter season arrives since the horse shelters are custom built upon ordering.  This is probably the number one thing we hear from people who are ordering a horse barn during the autumn months is they wish the would of ordered a little earlier in the season and are worried about a early snow storm coming and not having the horse stall or horse run in sheds in time the the bad weather.

Custom Horse Barn Options

  • Metal roof or architectural shingles
  • Tack room
  • Run in sheds
  • Gable vents or ridge vents
  • Feeder or hay rack
  • Cupola and weather vane
  • Extra Windows
  • Getting more space with a Modular 2 Story Horse Barn

The two story horse barns come with a hay loft for maximum storage.

These are just a few options most people consider.  Also keep in mind the horse buildings do not come stained but you can get it custom built with a stain.  If you buy it with a stain you will get to pick the color and another choice you get is the metal roof color or shingle color.  The metal roofs on the horse barn come insulated to help keep the horse cooler.

One thing you will want to make sure is you have a level area for the horse barn to be placed so the dutch doors operate properly.  Since there are 2 doors that open and shut separately they can rub or not work if the pad area is not level.

Each stall can tack room comes with a window so you can select the exact location for the window to be placed which usually will be opposite of the doors or you could place them on the end.  Another option that a few of our customers have done is add an extra single door on the back side of the horse structure so for example if they have a fence or are getting a fence put up the will have the horse building serve as a fence but so they can access the horse barn from the other side of the fence they will add a single entry door for ease of use.

Alan’s Factory Outlet modular wood horse barns and prefab horse run in sheds are delivered in all of Virginia and West Virginia with free local delivered in 21 local counties in VA and WV.  

You’ve asked for it and we’ve listened, another option we have just started by popular demand on the horse barns is a hinged 8′ lean to which is now available on the horse barns and run in sheds.  This lean to package comes in two different options, as a lean to kit or fully assembled if you want us to assemble it for you.