Custom Garages from Alan’s Factory Outlet

Alan’s Factory Outlet has several different types of custom garages to choose from.

The first kind of garage we will talk about are the custom metal garages which are built on site and come in 3 different roof line styles and many different widths and length.  You get to make the sidewalls the height you want along with picking which garage door size will work to fit everything you plan on storing inside the garage.

metal custom garage

12×26 boxed eave metal garage

When you order your metal garage you can add a 36″ walk in door and windows.  These doors and windows can be placed wherever you want them.  Here are some of the options and prices for the metal garages.  Keep in mind you can order by phone or you can buy the metal garages online.

The standard 1 and 2 car garages usually range from a 12′ wide to 24′ wide and the length start out 21′ long and get longer in 5′ increments up to 41′ long and longer custom size garages are available.  If you go with a 41′ or longer metal building it is strongly recommended that you go with the vertical metal garage which is made with the roof panels going up and down.  The reason for this is because the longest panel is 36′ long so if you go longer than than and you get a boxed eave metal garage which looks just like the vertical except the roof panels run the length of the building or a regular style metal garage which has rounded sides this will create leaking issues and a weak spot in the garage that can be more prone to collapsing if a heavy snow is on the roof.  36′ and under and all 3 custom garages would work fine.

The steel buildings can be custom made up to 40′ wide and as long as you need them.  Here is a custom steel building made for warehouse storage.

custom steel buildings

40′ wide custom steel building with 2 framed out openings on the side

The steel garages can be made taller to store a rv motor home with leg heights up to 12′ tall legs on the 12′ wide steel buildings and the 18′ and wider structures can be made with up to 14′ tall legs.  The tallest garage door we have is a 12×12 size garage door.  You will want to measure how tall your rv is at the peak height to make sure that size garage door will fit your rv.  Other options would be for us to frame out an opening if you need to get a custom larger size garage door after we install the building or a third popular option is to get one of the custom metal carports and just have the carport protect it from most of the rain, ice, snow and the sun.  You can partially enclose it for a little extra protection from the sun and weather by adding a 3′ panel on both sides and maybe a gable in the back end.  You can put a gable in the front end but one thing to remember is if for example you have 12′ legs carport a front gable will come across at the 12′ height so as long as you don’t have anything taller than 12′ this will work.

The metal custom garages are delivered and installed for free in Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

The metal buildings do not have a floor so we recommend either a gravel or concrete foundation.

Another category of custom prefab garages at Alan’s Factory Outlet are the Amish built garages.  They are made in wood, vinyl and board batten siding.  They are delivered fully assembled to your location as long are you are located in Virginia and West Virginia as these are the only two states that the Amish custom built garages are delivered.  These garages can be made with or without a floor.

custom 2 story garage

24×24 barn roof 2 story garage without a floor

On the vinyl and wood custom garages you can go with a 1 car garage or a 2 car garage.  A single level or a 2 story garage are other options.  The two story custom garages are made with a stair case going up to a second level with 8′ headroom on the first and second floor.

So as you can see there are many different types of custom garages to meet many different types of situations you are trying to solve and protect from the weather or theft.

If you could dream up a custom garage what would it look like?