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Choosing the Right Swing For Your Backyard


Picture of an Amish made wooden pergola kit in a backyard on a patio.

Do you dream of sitting in a comfortable swing enjoying the peaceful surroundings of your backyard? Well, you can bring that dream to life! There are plenty of options for backyard swings that adults can enjoy. The trick is choosing the right swing for your property. Look at some tips on how to go about selecting a swing that is perfect for your backyard.

Stand-Alone Backyard Swings

Maybe you’re interested in a stand-alone swing that you can simply put up in one corner of the backyard. One of the advantages of stand-alone swings is that they are available in many styles and can seat two or more people. Plus, you’ll likely have no problem finding a swing in a size that suits your backyard. Also, you can get a canopy for your swing to shield you from the sun and colorful cushions to make the seat more comfortable. A wooden stand-alone swing is a wise choice for people who live in temperate climates without much rainfall. If you do get a lot of rainfall, be sure to choose a stand-alone swing that is resistant to mold. One of the risks of having a stand-alone swing with a canopy is that they can sometimes blow over in high winds and sustain damage. If you live in a place where winter brings a lot of snowfall, you may want to cover the swing to provide it with some protection until the snow melts in the spring. A backyard swing with a steel frame is another durable option to consider.

Hanging a Swing From a Tree

There are some backyard swings designed to hang from a tree branch by strong chains. This is a great option if you have a sturdy tree in your backyard that could handle the weight of a backyard swing for two. Another advantage of this option is that it can be especially relaxing spending time beneath a lovely, mature tree. I love sitting in a backyard swing listening to the leaves move in the breeze. One disadvantage of this swing is that if you have young kids who like to test their climbing skills, they may want to use your swing as a way to climb up into the tree. This could result in a hurt child or a damaged swing. Also, these swings can be difficult to take down if you ever decide you don’t want a swing there anymore.

DIY Backyard Swings

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to take on the challenge of creating your own backyard swing. One advantage of this is that you can ensure that your swing is made of quality wood and other materials. You can also have the satisfaction of seeing others enjoy the swing you made. A disadvantage of this choice is that you have to find all of the right materials yourself and haul them to your home. Plus, you have to have access to saws, drills, and other tools that are necessary for this type of job. This could end up being an expensive DIY project.

Whether you make this your next DIY task or go searching online for a stand-alone swing, I hope you end up with one that makes your backyard complete! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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