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Be the Garage Sale Master with these 7 Tips for Success

garage for sale for your car

“Get Rid of the Clutter and Get Your Car Back in the Garage Again”

A garage sale helps you to accomplish two things. First, you can get rid of items that are taking up your valuable garage storage space. Secondly, you have the chance to make a little bit of money on these items as they leave your home. In this week’s blog, I want to share seven garage sale tips that can help make your sale day a success!

1. Employ Creative Garage Sale Advertising

When it comes to garage sales, the name of the game is attracting as much attention as possible. The more people you can attract to your garage sale, the better your chances are of selling your items. Consequently, one of the most important steps of garage sale preparation is advertising your sale. I suggest you go big and colorful on your garage sale advertising. Post your signs in places where many people travel. Make sure that all of your printing is clear and readable. Along with your address and the date of the sale, you may want to include a few of the highlights. An antique chair, a dog house, brand name children’s clothing, toys and video games are all examples of items that grab people’s attention. I recommend that you make your garage sale advertising unique and funny so it will make a lasting impression.

2. Pretend You Own a Store

Garage sale preparation can be more fun if you pretend like your garage storage space is a retail store. For instance, if you have lots of men’s and women’s clothing, put items in their own area of the garage. Also, arrange the items according to color. Put all of the red items together, all of the green ones together, etc. This makes for a neat and organized display. Create a special table for kid’s toys, video games and books. You can even hang signs over each area so people will think they are shopping in a department store!

3. Highlight Your Most Appealing Items

If you have an item that will attract a lot of attention, put it in a prominent place. For instance, if you have an antique loveseat with a beautiful cushion, put it out where shoppers will see it right away. Attach a balloon or streamers to it if necessary. A person may stop at your sale to look at the loveseat, and then proceed to browse through your other items.

4. Price Everything in a Clear Way

One of the best garage sale tips I can give you is to make sure everything has a price tag. Now, just because there is a price on something doesn’t mean a shopper won’t try to bargain with you. I suggest you bargain with people unless you really believe the item is worth the price you put on it. Keep in mind your goal of reclaiming your storage space.

5. Make Up Some Fun Item Descriptions

I think that people like seeing creative signs on items in a garage sale. For example, if you have a huge fluffy Saint Bernard stuffed animal with sad eyes you can hang a sign on it that reads, ‘Needs a new home. Doesn’t eat much.’ Or, if you have a collection of cookware for sale you could make a sign that reads, ‘Cookware Perfect for the Queen of Cuisine!’ Imaginative signs can get people to take a second look at your items and bring you a step closer to an uncluttered storage space.

6. Dress Up a Mannequin and Put It Out Front

If you have a lot of clothing in your sale, you may want to dress a mannequin in a stylish outfit and put him or her out front. This can get more attention for your sale and prompt people to pull in for a look. For additional effect, hang a sign around the mannequin’s neck advertising any name brand clothing you have in your sale.

7. Have Refreshments and a Table for Little Kids

Refreshments such as lemonade, cookies and chips are a fun addition to a sale. You can even make a few more dollars by selling these to visitors. If it’s a hot morning, you may consider having water available for free to keep people from leaving early because of the heat.

Oftentimes, moms bring their kids with them when they visit garage sales. I suggest putting up a kid’s table with toys and puzzles on it that will entertain little ones. Keeping kids busy will give their moms more time to browse your sale.

After your sale is over, I suggest that you give any unsold items to a local charity such as Goodwill. These leftover items may be of use to others and giving them away stops you from pushing them back into your garage. Thanks for reading!-Alan

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