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Aerate Your Lawn In 5 Easy Steps


By early autumn, many people have put aside their lawn care duties until next spring. But November is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn is a relatively simple task that can pay off for you when spring rolls around again next year. Discover some facts about aeration and the specific steps involved in the process to try it out before the ground freezes.

The Facts on Aerating Your Lawn

When you aerate your lawn, you’re putting holes in the soil so that water, air, and nutrients have easy access to the roots of the grass. This helps the roots to grow strong so you can enjoy a healthy lawn in the springtime. When it comes to getting this job done, you have a few options. You can push a manual aerator across your lawn or get an electric aerator that does a lot of the physical work for you. Regardless of which option you choose, early November is a great time to aerate. The soil is still warm at this time of year, which gives fertilizer and other nutrients adequate time to penetrate the grass roots and prompt healthy growth.

Five Easy Steps for Aerating a Lawn

  1. Check Your Lawn’s Moisture Level. It’s best to aerate your lawn when the soil is moist and soft. So take a walk around your lawn to evaluate its condition. If it needs moisture, use a hose to sprinkle water evenly over the grass. Do this for two or three days before starting the aeration process.
  2. Make an Aeration Plan. It’s important to create an aeration plan so you don’t skip any portion of your lawn. Use a piece of scrap paper to draw a path for the even rows you’ll make across your lawn. If there’s a particular area that is heavily traveled by kids, adults, and pets, go over it a second time with your aerator.
  3. Use a Rake on the Dirt Plugs. After you aerate your lawn, you’ll see a collection of dirt plugs scattered throughout your yard. As these dirt plugs break down, they release valuable nutrients back into your soil. Allow the dirt plugs to dry, and then use your garden rake to break them up so they can nourish the soil. I flip my garden rake over on its back to make breaking up the dirt plugs a little bit easier.
  4. Apply Compost or Other Fertilizer to Your Lawn. Putting compost on your lawn is another way to ensure its health next spring. The fertilizer will be easily absorbed into your lawn via the holes you’ve made. Also, you can add an herbicide to your lawn to lessen the growth of weeds that you have to deal with in the spring.
  5. Continue to Nurture the Health of Your Lawn. It’s a good idea to water your lawn after aerating it in November. This is especially important if you go through some long periods without rain in your area. Rake up any stray leaves that fall onto your lawn so your grass has plenty of access to sunlight and rain.

Remember that aerating your lawn now can help you enjoy it even more in the springtime! Thanks for reading! – Alan

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