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A Simple Weekend Project: DIY Bird Feeders


A metal garage makes a perfect wood working shop to build a bird feeder or a place to work on your vehicle on your own property.

Birds that flew south for the winter months are here again around our area. I enjoy watching them build their nests in preparation for their new families. One way to attract birds to your yard is to make a bird feeder. Creating a DIY feeder is a fun project and gives our feathered friends some extra nutrition throughout the spring and summer months. Luckily, many bird feeders can be made with simple, inexpensive materials.

Ideas for DIY Bird Feeders

  • A Mason Jar Bird Feeder: The supplies for this bird feeder include a canning jar, bird seed, and a small metal feeder for baby chicks. Mason jars are available at any craft store, and chick feeders can be found at a farm supply store. Placing an order for a baby chick feeder online is an option if you don’t have a farm supply store near you. Fill the jar with seed, turn it upside-down, and sit it inside the opening of the chick feeder. Birds can retrieve seeds out of the openings in the chick feeder. You can put this feeder on a table in one corner of your patio or deck.
  • A Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder: For this bird feeder, you’ll need a 20-ounce clear plastic bottle with a cap, two wooden spoons, bird seed, and twine. Put a hole in each side of the bottle so you can push one spoon handle through. Repeat this step in a lower area of the bottle. Fill the bottle with bird seed so it spills out onto the spoons. Put the cap on the bottle and you can hang this unique bird feeder in your favorite tree with twine or floral wire.
  • Bird Seed in a Tea Cup: Turn some old tea cups and saucers into bird feeders. The first step is to find two or three balusters from a staircase. Next, use caulk or wood glue to affix each saucer to the top of the baluster. Then, glue a cup onto each saucer. Push the baluster into the ground, and fill each tea cup with bird seed. These bird feeders are an attractive addition to any backyard.
  • Pine Cone Bird Feeders: If you’re looking for an especially easy bird feeder, this may be the idea for you. Find a few whole pine cones and secure a piece of twine to the top of each cone so it can hang from a tree or fence. Mix some peanut butter or lard together with bird seed. Coat each pine cone with this mixture. Finally, hang up your coated pine cones. These bird feeders will be especially popular in the wintertime with cardinals, jays, and other birds that are looking for food to sustain them during the cold weather months.

Where to Place Your Bird Feeder

Once you make your bird feeder, take some time to decide where to put it. Remember that birds like to visit a feeder that allows them an easy escape route if they feel threatened. For example, a tree out in the middle of the yard is a good place to hang a bird feeder. If you place your feeder on a table on your patio or deck, make sure that it’s not surrounded by outdoor furniture or too close to a wall.

Good luck with your DIY bird feeders! Thanks for reading. – Alan

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