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A Heated Metal Garage: Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

heated metal garages

‘Considering Heating Your Metal Garage?’

Have you ever pictured yourself happily working on projects throughout the winter months in a heated garage? Having a heated metal garage creates a comfortable atmosphere as you finish woodworking projects, perform repairs on your car or accomplish other miscellaneous tasks. Of course, there are both pros and cons to heating a garage. Check out a few basic things to think about as you consider today’s question: Should I heat my garage?

The Decision to Heat a Garage

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage during the warm-weather months? If the answer is yes, you probably would enjoy working in your garage year round. This is a great reason to install a heating system in your garage. If you are a business owner who does a lot of work-related tasks in the garage, then it would be worthwhile to have a heating system installed. Alternatively, if your garage is simply a place where you park your car, you may not want to invest time or money having it heated. Thinking about the purpose of your garage and how much you use it is helpful in making a decision regarding whether to install a heating system.

What Is the Cost of a Heated Metal Garage?

The cost of heating a garage depends on what type of system you prefer. For instance, you can purchase a portable electric heater for under one hundred dollars. Often, portable heaters go on sale near the end of the cold-weather season. Along with the cost of the heater, you’ll probably see a bit of an increase in your electric bill depending on how much you use the heater. Getting a portable heater is a relatively inexpensive way to maintain a comfortable temperature in a garage. An owner must always take precautions with a portable heater so it doesn’t cause a fire. A forced air heater is one alternative to a portable heater. This is a more expensive option because you may want to hire HVAC professionals who can hookup the device and make sure it is properly vented. Installing a forced air heater is at least a $500 investment for most owners. If you choose to install your own forced air heater, it’s important to choose the best location for it in the garage. I recommend looking at several types of heaters to find one that suits your needs and your garage.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Heated Metal Garage

One of the biggest advantages of having a heated garage is being able to get work done even when the temperature drops below zero. Also, a heated garage can be an appealing place for friends to gather and work on a project together or just share the latest news. One disadvantage of heating a garage is that a person must have it insulated in order to keep the warm air inside the structure for a reasonable length of time. The heat from a forced air heater or a portable heater will disappear through the walls of a garage with no insulation.

So, give it some thought to determine if a heated garage is the right choice for you. Thanks for reading!-Alan

About the Author

Alan Bernau Jr. has helped more than 50,000 homeowners design and install custom carports and garages. If you need a custom carport, and you live in the eastern half of the United States, Alan’s Factory Outlet is here to help.

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