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A Few Of Our Favorite Garage Doors


To some people, a garage door is just a practical item that provides security for the things in their garage. They raise and lower the door every day without giving it a second thought. To others, a plain garage door is the perfect place to display a cool picture or an intriguing design. Have you ever thought of giving your garage door some extra flair? Consider a few ideas and check out some garage doors that will have you doing a double-take!

A 3-D Poster

Imagine walking by your neighbor’s garage only to see a gigantic white alligator staring out at you. This is just one example of a memorable garage door poster. Many of these posters display colorful, attention-grabbing 3-D images featuring animals, flowers, cars, outdoor scenes, and more. You can put up a poster displaying a herd of galloping horses, an image of a never-ending highway, or a pirate ship sailing on stormy seas. These posters allow you to be as creative as you want when dressing up your garage door. Many of these types of posters are available online. I recommend you measure your garage door so you can order a poster in the appropriate size.

Stenciled Designs

If you prefer to add just a little extra dash of appeal to your garage door, you could opt for a stenciled design. For instance, you could use stencils to create a quiet nature scene on your garage door. There are stencils that allow you to decorate your door with ivy vines, flowers, butterflies, and trees. Another option is to use stencils to write an encouraging message on your garage door, such as a quote from the Bible. Or you may want to display an inspirational quote from a famous person. With stencils, your imagination can run wild as you decorate your garage door. Most craft stores offer a variety of stencils and paint that can be used for this type of project.

A Garage Door Mural

If you’re interested in having a mural on your garage door, there are professional artists who can take on the project. They know how to take the measurements of the door into account when creating the parts of a scene. Putting up a mural is a permanent way to make your garage door stand out from the crowd in your neighborhood. It could be a barnyard mural or one that features a quiet scene in a garden or pasture. Animals, trees, and flowers are all typical elements found in garage door murals. Some people like to display murals that feature famous people in history, including presidents, inventors, leaders, and even sports figures. The unique combination of colors and textures as well as the small details are what make garage door murals so special.

So whether you want to put up a 3-D poster with Velcro, create a design with stencils, or display a mural that is a true work of art, you have a lot of options when it comes to decorating your garage door. Thanks for reading! – Alan

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