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A Backyard Game Board: How – To


‘Backyard Board Games for Summertime’

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your family during the warm weather months? If you do, you may want to try some backyard games that put a unique twist on familiar board games. Playing these games in the backyard allows you to enjoy the fresh summer breezes as you gather with family and friends for a fun afternoon or evening. Check out the details on a couple of entertaining backyard board games.

Backyard Twister

Chances are you’re familiar with the game of Twister. Traditional Twister involves a large sheet of white plastic featuring four rows of colored circles. Someone flicks the needle on the spinner board to see where five or six players put their feet and hands. Eventually, players end up in a big, tangled pile on the ground. Making a backyard Twister board is very easy and can be done in a matter of ten or fifteen minutes. All you need is a black marker, a large piece of cardboard, scissors, a round bucket and four cans of spray paint. Choose a can of blue, green, red, and yellow paint. Be sure that the paint is biodegradable so you won’t hurt your grass or the environment. First, center the bucket on the piece of cardboard and trace around it with the marker making a perfect circle. Next, cut out the center of the circle, grab your paint cans and head to the location of your backyard Twister board. Using the cardboard template, spray paint six red circles in one row on the grass. Next to that row, make a row of six yellow, six blue and six green circles. Allow the paint enough time to dry before starting a game. If you own the board game Twister, you can use that spinner board for your backyard version of the game. If you don’t, I suggest that you make your own spinner board. Add a little background music to your gathering along with some snacks and let the fun begin!

The Memory Game

The traditional Memory game starts with twenty or thirty small, square cards face down on a table. Three or four players take turns picking up a card and then trying to find its match among the rest of the cards. The player who finds the most matches is the winner. The backyard version of the Memory game requires a bit of preparation. Many of us have leftover floor tiles piled up somewhere in a closet or in the basement. Twenty or thirty 12×12 inch floor tiles can be used as cards in your backyard Memory game. Look on the Internet for some colorful images and make two large copies of each on white paper. A cat, a car, a rainbow, a doll and a chair are all examples of simple images to print out and glue to your tiles. You could also enlist some kids to draw or paint these images on pieces of paper and then make a copy of each one so you’ll have two for the Memory game. It’s hilarious fun for kids and adults to walk through the rows of cards trying to remember the location of a particular image. I suggest that you cover each game tile with plastic wrap to keep the images from taking on grass stains and moisture. This is a game you’re sure to enjoy for several summers in your backyard!

I hope learning about these games will spark even more ideas. Thanks for reading.-Alan

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